Robert Tichy's 60th birthday
(19-20 Oktober 2017, Graz)

We are happy to announce a scientific meeting (Festkolloquium) in honour of Robert F. Tichy's 60th birthday
Organisers: Peter Grabner, Christian Elsholtz.


Link to the Festschrift at Springer Verlag.


The preliminary programme (with time schedule).

We will have invited talks by
Vitaly Bergelson (Ramsey Theory at the Junction of Additive and Multiplicative Combinatorics)
István Berkes (On the uniform theory of lacunary series)
Yuri Bilu (Effective bounds for singular units)
Pietro Corvaja (The Hilbert Property for algebraic varieties)
Michael Drmota (Digital Expansions and Uniform Distribution)
Clemens Fuchs (Diophantine triples and linear recurrences of Pisot type)
Kálmán Győry (S-parts of values of binary forms and decomposable forms)
Gerhard Larcher (On Weyl products and Irregularities of Distribution)
Harald Niederreiter (Donald Knuth´s problem and Robert Tichy´s solution)
János Pintz (Some conjectures of Erdös and Turán on consecutive primegaps)
Klaus Schmidt (Entropy and periodic points of algebraic actions of discrete groups).


The event will take place at the Technische Universität Graz (Graz University of Technology), Steyrergasse 30, (ground floor, lecture hall BE01).


If you intend to come, please send an email (by Monday 9th October) to with subject "Tichy 60", including the dates when you are here. This helps with planning, (including an appropriate amount of coffee and cookies).

For hotel bookings:

Visitors are invited to book accommodation on their own. Hotels nearby are "Star Inn" or "Gollner". (If you book directly with the hotel, mention that you are at a TU Graz event, we hope you will receive the TU Graz discount).