Welcome to the Institute of Optimization and Discrete Mathematics.

The research of the institute focusses on problems in discrete mathematics and combinatorial optimization. Our aim is to model, analyse and solve structural and algorithmic problems arising from mathematics, theoretical computer science and natural sciences as well as from applications in industry. We apply a variety of complementary methods including the probabilistic method, algorithmic methods, graph theoretic methods, optimization methods, enumeration methods, and analytic methods.

The research fields of members of the institute include

  • random graphs, random hypergraphs, random graph processes, and probabilistic graph theory
  • discrete and combinatorial optimization problems with particular emphasis on the design and analysis of efficient exact or approximate algorithms for hard optimization problems
  • structural, enumerative, and algorithmic aspects of graphs
  • asymptotic and probabilistic analysis of algorithms

The institute is one of the six mathematical institutes of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy at Graz University of Technology. The institute takes an active part in the Mathematical Doctoral School (DK plus programme funded by FWF) "Discrete Mathematics".

As of 1 January 2016, the Institute of Optimization and Discrete Mathematics is part of the Institute of Discrete Mathematics. This web page will not be updated from 1 January 2016.

Please visit the web page of Institute of Discrete Mathematics.