Don't let a silly detail ruin your talk

Once I attended a talk with another two hundred listeners where apparently nobody understood anything just because a crucial definition was shown in yellow text, which was unreadable on the projector screen. You certainly do not want a talk you prepared with a lot of effort to fail for a silly reason like this. Being mathematicians we all tend to concentrate too much on our theorems and forget about the real world from time to time. Before you begin your talk, or even a couple of times during it, try to make sure there is no real-world "noise" between you and your audience.

And by the way, bear in mind that slides might appear differently on your computer screen than on the projection wall. Pick the colours of your text with practical rather than artistic criteria, and make the lines in your images thick enough.

A. Georgakopoulos: How to give a talk that is not too bad.

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