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My name is Johannes Cuno and I am a mathematician. My research interests range from combinatorial and geometric group theory to formal languages. Moreover, I wrote papers on graph theory and random walks on infinite graphs and groups. Inspired by my new environment in Ludwigsburg also educational aspects of mathematics are coming into focus.

I had the pleasure to be student in the Doctoral Program Discrete Mathematics and obtained my PhD in October 2015 under supervision of Wolfgang Woess at Graz University of Technology. Afterwards, I worked with Vadim Kaimanovich at the University of Ottawa and with Anna Erschler at the École normale supérieure. Since September 2018, I am working at Ludwigsburg University of Education as a lecturer ("Akademischer Rat").

On this homepage you find more detailed information about me and my work. My colleagues from Ludwigsburg University of Education may also access the memory game and the exam clock from here. If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Johannes Cuno
PH Ludwigsburg
Mathematik und Informatik
Reuteallee 46
71634 Ludwigsburg

Email: Solve the puzzle!
Phone: +49 7141 140 797
Office: 4.314