ELAZ2016 (5th-9th September 2016, Strobl am Wolfgangsee)

Conference on elementary and analytic number theory
Organizers: Christian Elsholtz, Georg Nowak, Robert Tichy.


As there is a restricted number of places, registration is closed.


Here is the conference booklet, including abstracts.
Group fotos, many thanks to Antal Balog: group foto 1, group foto 2, group foto 3,


We will have invited talks of about 50 minutes by Tim Browning, Jörg Brüdern, Rainer Dietmann, Roger Heath-Brown, Igor Shparlinski and Trevor Wooley.


The conference takes place in Strobl am Wolfgangsee, at the Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung (bifeb), bifeb Info about the house (The webpage is in German, under "Ihr Aufenthalt" there are sub menues e.g. about food and travel.


We recommend that participants arrive on Sunday (4th September 2016) afternoon/evening, and leave on Friday (9th September) afternoon/evening. (The house informed us that it would be possible if some participants leave a day later). The scientific programme is from Monday morning until Friday afternoon.


info from the house: the reception will be open from 14.00 (2pm) onwards.
Dinner on arrival day: 18.30-20.00, if you know you come late something can be arranged.
[[(or maybe you could buy a sandwich on your travel, or there are restaurants in Strobl).]]


The bifeb has a breakfast buffet. For lunch and dinner one can sign up. We were informed one can do this in Strobl. Their choice includes (at least) a meat and a vegetarian option.


Here is some info, mainly taken from: bifeb's travel page and a scalable map
by car:
  • Austrian motorway A1 (exit Regau, Thalgau or Mondsee)
  • then via Wolfgangsee- regional road (B 158) - exit Strobl Ost
  • then about 1 km in direction of St. Wolfgang (L 116),
  • then turn left direction to Bürglstein – after 650m you have reached bifeb. There is a sufficient and free parking, and connection for electro cars.
  • closest airports: Salzburg (55 km), Linz (120 km), München (190 km), Wien (305 km)

  • From the Train stations Salzburg (45km) and Bad Ischl (12km) there are buses to Strobl. Here is a time table (mainly buses, Salzburg-Strobl) valid in that week For train connections see
    Austrian railway company or German railway company
    For bus connections see: Postbus
    From the Austrian railwyay link you can for example search from "München Flughafen terminal" to "Strobl Busbahnhof".
    From there 10 minutes walking.
    Taxi number given on bifeb webpage.


    Apart from the invited talks we will have two other formats of contributions.
  • contributed talks of 20 minutes
  • mini talks of 5 minutes and the (additional) possibility to present a poster at a poster session.
    The reason why we have these mini talks is that we expect there could be more people interested to contribute a talk (also for funding reasons) than we would have time slots. In Austria and France we recently had good experience with the format of mini talk+poster session (and we noticed that the British Maths Colloquium also seems to use them).


    As the bifeb is not a maths institute, there are no large blackboards. We really recommend to use a presentation by beamer or over head slides. There are (small) moveable boards and flip charts, but probably these are good for ad hoc comments rather than the talk itself. For the poster session there are suitably walls.


    (invited speakers please ignore!)
    the prices given to us by bifeb are
    Single room: 38 Euro (per night)
    Double room: 27 Euro (per person and night)
    The cost for full board (breakfast buffet, lunch (3 course meal + salat buffet, dinner (buffet), coffee and cookies) is about 50 Euros per day. (In other words, 5 nights and full board during 5 days should be around 450 Euro).

    The bifeb offers the following options for payment:
    credit cards (Master, Visa, American express, JCB)
    debitcards (in particular Austrian Bankomat-card, international cards assuming they are activated for payment in Euros/Austria)
    cash (not preferred)
    bank transfer (for Austrian participants)


    There is no conference fee.
    (The conference is partially supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF).


    Strobl am Wolfgangsee lies in a touristic area, this link contains some photos, and it's quite possible that the lake is still warm enough for swimming. We intend to do some excursion on the Wednesday afternoon.