Pure Mathematics Seminars


This term there is some cooperation with the CS department. For example,
we have invited Prof Gutin to give a talk,
they invited Prof Cameron (Queen Mary).

On Nov 2nd there will be some lectures of interest to several departments:
their talk may be of interest to mathematicians as well,
while our two talks on graphs and hypergraphs may also be of interest to them. For the details see below.

28th September 2004:
Alex Scott, UCL, "Reconstructing subsets of the plane".

5th October 2004
Yoichi Motohashi, Nihon University (Japan),
"Sieve Methods --- Looking back on the stormy years".

12th October 2004
Thomas Prellberg, Queen Mary (London),
"Monotonicity of partition functions".

19th October 2004
Gihan Marasingha, Oxford, "On Pairs of Quadratic Forms".

26th October 2004
Nigel Watt, RHUL, "Fourier coefficients of modular forms and eigenvalues of a Hecke operator".

Note: On the 26th October, at 1pm, the CS department also has an interesting seminar talk: Peter Cameron, Queen Mary, University of London, speaks on Designs on the Web.

2nd November 2004
The CS department has one talk at 1pm, in C325, which may be of interest to us.
Dr Carron Shankland, University of Stirling, From Individuals to Populations: Modelling Infectious Disease Spread using Process Algebra

We will have two seminar talks. Tea will be at about 4.50 -5.10.
4pm: Daniela Kühn (Birmingham) "Matchings in hypergraphs"
5pm: Deryk Osthus (Birmingham) "Dense minors in locally sparse graphs"

9th November 2004
Gregory Gutin, RHUL (Computer Science),
"Some applications of graph theory, combinatorics and number theory in logistics and quantum mechanics"

16th November 2004
Glyn Harman (RHUL),
"There are infinitely many more Carmichael numbers".

23th November 2004
Lillian Pierce (Princeton),
"A Bound for the 3-Part of Class Numbers of Quadratic Fields via the Square Sieve".

30th November 2004
Richard Pinch (Cheltenham), Carmichael numbers of small index.

7th December 2004
Dan Segal, All Souls College, Oxford, Profinite groups and their topology.


This page lists this term's Pure Mathematics Seminars. All are welcome. All seminars will take place in the McCrea Building, Room 219, at 4.00pm, unless stated otherwise. Tea is served before the seminar at 3.30 in Room 237 of the McCrea Building.

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