Pure Mathematics Seminars


This term's programme shows that mathematics is used in a wide range of different disciplines. Two talks are on game theory, which is of interest in economics. Two talks are on cryptography, one in mathematical biology, one in complexity theory and some in pure mathematics, of course...

18th January 2005
Bernhard von Stengel, LSE,
"Leadership Games".

25th January 2005
Steven Galbraith, RHUL,
"The eta pairing and applications in cryptography"".

1st February 2005
Andrew Thomason, Claire College, Cambridge,
"Forcing minors in graphs".

8th February 2005
Vincent Jansen, RHUL (Biology Department),
"Modelling disease outbreaks: meningitis and measles".

WEDNESDAY 9th February 2005, 4pm in 219
Igor Shparlinski, Dept of Computing, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, "Catalan and Apery Numbers in Residue Classes (joint work with Moubariz Garaev and Florian Luca)".

15th February 2005
Rahul Savani, LSE,
"Exponentially Many Steps for Finding a Nash Equilibrium in a Bimatrix Game."
(The paper was presented at FOCS 2004.
"Abstract here", full version available at the speaker's home page)

22th February 2005
Alex May, Paderborn
"New RSA Vulnerabilities using Coppersmith's Method"

1st March 2005
Rainer Dietmann, Stuttgart,
"Systems of cubic forms"

8th March 2005
Steve Cohen, Univ. of Glasgow,
"The Hansen-Mullen conjecture on primitive polynomials".
Abstract (pdf file)

15th March 2005
Ana Salagean, Dept of CS, Univ. of Loughborough,
"On the computation of the linear complexity and the $k$-error linear complexity of binary sequences with period a power of two".

22nd March 2005
Peter Neumann, The Queen's College, Oxford,
"Galois' Second Memoir"