Dr. David Acheson
How can we solve the Maths Problem?
25th October 2005, 16.00-18.00
Munro Fox Seminar Room

Dr David Acheson, a fellow of Jesus College, University of Oxford, and a National Teaching Fellowship holder will visit Royal Holloway this autumn to present some of his work in learning and teaching. Dr Acheson is well known for his innovative and inspiring teaching methods, which include playing an electric guitar in lectures to demonstrate the mathematical theory of vibrating strings. In addition to his teaching and research at Oxford, he has given a number of public lectures including the London Mathematical Society's 2003 Popular Lecture: Mathematics, Magic and the Electric Guitar. He has also appeared on BBC TV's Tomorrow's World presenting his 'upside-down pendulums theorem', and written 1089 and All That, a book that attempts to bring the joy of mathematics to the general public.
Dr Acheson's lecture will include a discussion of what mathematics is really all about, and whether it is possible to communicate some of the exciting ideas of the subject to virtually anybody. Dr Acheson will also offer some views about the teaching of mathematics at all levels, including university. The lecture will allow plenty of time throughout for discussion of the issues raised.

(This event is organized by the EDC).