Pure Mathematics Seminars


17th January 2006
Joint Pure and Applied Seminar:
Rüdiger Schack (RHUL), "Quantum de Finetti theorems"

24th January 2006
Glyn Harman (RHUL), "Primes with pre-assigned digits"

31st January 2006
Tim Burness, (Oxford) "Minimal bases in actions of simple groups"

7th February 2006
John Wilson, (University College, Oxford) "Branch groups"

14th February 2006
Ben Smith, (Univ of Syney/RHUL) "Explicit Real Multiplication"

21st February 2006
Joint Pure and Applied Seminar: Johannes Zimmer (Bath), "Multiscales, & Martensites: Mathematical Challenges"

28th February 2006
Ben Martin (University of Canterbury, New Zealand),
"Representation growth and the congruence subgroup property."

7th March 2006
Frazer Jarvis (Sheffield), "Combinatorial and arithmetic aspects of the Catalan-Larcombe- French sequence"

WEDNESDAY 8th March 2006 (4pm C219)
Bob Vaughan (Pennsylvania State University), "On the number of partitions into primes"

14th March 2006
(no seminar this week, in view of two seminars the week before)

21st March 2006
Jim Shank (University of Kent), "Modular Invariant Theory"

28th March 2006
Eira Scourfield (RHUL), "Smooth divisors of polynomials"