Some info for speakers at the Pure Maths seminar at Royal Holloway
Most seminars are like this:
Most speakers arrive by train, and manage to find the maths department in the McCrea building (Tea room is C237, my ofice is C240). My office telephone number is 01784 414021).
For travel directions see "seminar web page".
If you come by car please tell us early, since we then reserve a VIP parking slot via College security and they request a week notice. (If you don't have parking permission don't park on Campus. You risk to be clamped.)

Tea is at 3.30pm, the talk from 4.05 to 4.55m, i.e. 50 minutes, and a few questions afterwards. Then we usually go to a local pub for a drink or to eat something.

For the talk: when choosing your topic and preparing the talk please keep in mind that it is for a general audience. So, you might like to spend much more time on the introduction and motivation of the problem then you would do in a specialised seminar or conference talk. Most parts of the talk should be accessible by nonspecialists and graduate students. The research interests of people in the department include Number theory, Discrete Maths, Cryptography, Algebra and everything else that is interesting. (If you are worried that your research is not in number theory etc, don't worry, just make it interesting and do not assume too much background.)
On the technical side, you can use black board/white board/overhead projector/data projector. Also, with OHP or data projector you can still use the whiteboard simultaneously. The boards are not huge. After 15 or 20 minutes you will probably start erasing some parts.
With regard to data projector: most speakers prefer to bring their laptop. (If this is not possible tell me early enough and send me a pdf file by email!) Just in case of technical problems you might like to have a memory stick/disc backup, or slides... (so far there has not been a technical problem in our seminar, but I know of two laptops (at other occasions) that somehow could not be connected to the system...)
If you have any other question, please let me know!