Useful links related to library, books, online journals

collected by Christian Elsholtz


  • Mathscinet (The database based on the Mathematical Reviews). Subscription required. Figures: in 2012 about 2.8 million items (from about 1940-today), often with direct link to original articles. Run by the AMS.
    Bielefeld Bonn Providence
  • Zentralblatt MATH, advanced search Note: nonsubscribers have restricted access (3 items per search, only) Link
  • Das Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik covers very old items, 1868-1942. Will be integrated in Zentralblatt MATH.
  • Web of Science, including Science Citation Index (the last years only) (which articles cite a given article? Note that MathScinet also has similar features.) Direct Link:
  • Journal ranking, (the usual caution is recommended). ranking.
  • Google Scholar (Which articles/manuscripts cite a given article)?

    Mathematical Societies

    Mathnet Mathnet departments
    links to math departments in UK and Ireland

    Florida State Uni: Links to Math. Departments worldwide

    search engines



    List of many journals (all subjects) (Regensburg)
    list of maths journals: Penn State Uni
    The UMCP Math Department Electronic Journal Page
    Springer (also Birkhaeuser) Journals
    Science Direct, Elsevier, Academic Press)
    Front End of the largest Maths/Physics Preprint Server arXiv,
    CS/Maths/Physics arXiv
    front end of the arxiv

    Citeseer (very good in discrete maths, and Computer science)
    JSTOR, JSTOR, mathematics (many digitized old journals (for example Am Math Monthly), and also copies of recent journals, such as Annals of Mathematics.
    Emani some digitized (old) journals (including Mathematische Annalen, Crelle etc.
    Numdam some back volumes of French digitized journals.
    Journals for free.

    Virtual libraries with many further links

    Math-Guide Göttingen
    Florida State University Mathematics WWW Virtual Library
    Mathematics Web Sites around the world (Penn State Uni)
    Mathematical Atlas
    Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
    The Mathematics Archives
    Mathematical Links (from the Number Theory Web)
    Science Math Archiv/

    Publishers, book stores etc.

    publishers, libraries, book sellers (international)
    Amazon UK Amazon Deutschland
    central antiquarian bookshops directory

    special disciplines:

  • Number theory
    Number Theory Web (Main site) /Cambridge
    Number Theory Math (many links)
    The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)
  • Cryptography.
    eprint server plenty of preprints.
    Many cryptography resources can be found on Prof Anshel's webapge
  • Combinatorics/Graphtheory etc.
    Combinatorics People
    Combinatorics Net
    The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and The World Combinatorics Exchange
    dmanet Koeln
    Graph theory white pages
    Paderborner lecture notes archive (mainly Computer science)
  • Probability
    Probability Web
  • Geometrie
    Eppsteins junkyard

    Other Stuff

    History of Maths (St. Andrews)
    Math.Stack Exchange
    list of Maths blogs
    another list of Maths blogs
    Mathworld (Wolfram, Eric Weisstein) many good definitions etc
    Latex, short guide, AMS, pdf file

    Some links on how to write Maths follow.
    Hints on Style, by David Goss
    Mathematical Writing by D.Knuth, T.Larrabee, P.Roberts
    Writing a Math Phase Two Paper by S.L. Kleiman
    Citing your sources, (UC Berkeley)

    Thesis advisors, Genealogy
    Pathological examples in analysis
    leo's Deutsch-Englisch/Englisch-Deutsch-dictionary
    (raw translator)
    altavista's babel fish (raw translator)

    Legal Disclaimer

    This is a collection of links that were useful at the time I added them to the list. Each webpage however can contain links that are linked to pages with eventually less useful pages. Moreover webpages can have changed their contents after I included them. The use of this webpage implies that any legal risks are entirely on the user's side. Should web pages be outdated or misleading, please let me know. Christian Elsholtz.