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Research interests

Enumeration of combinatorial maps
Mostly I work on constellations, but I am also interested in other maps. Usually I use algebraic methods (characters, fonctional equations) on exact counting, but I am also very interested in bijections and asymptotics.
Random aspects of combinatorial objects
Mostly those related to maps that I have studied. I am interested mainly in their limit shape and statistics, but also random generation.
Combinatorial interpretation of characters of symmetric group
This is derived from my interests in maps. I am interested in the interaction between characters, tableaux and maps.
Some other combinatorial models
I have been interested also in sandpile model (not to confuse with abelian sandpile model, though they interest me too), mainly in enumeration and generation.
Verification of conjectures with volunteer computing
Mostly by exhaustive search, so I have to ask volunteers from all over the world to do it. With their help, I have verified quite a few conjectures on unpreceded size (small comparing to infinity though).

List of publications

Publications on journals and international conferences
Manuscripts, informal publications, technical reports