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Research Assistant in Number Theory at Institute of Analysis and Number Theory.
TU GRAZ, Austria

Member of the austrian - russian FWF - RSF project «Geometry of numbers and Diophantine approximation».


-email: marnat_at_math.tugraz.at

-Office: Steyrergasse 30/II, Room ST 02 210

Curriculum Vitae

Field of research:
My main interest is geometric number theory, more precisely Diophantine approximation and the spectrum of the related exponents. In particular, I fruitfully use the recent parametric geometry of numbers introduced by W.Schmidt and L. Summerer. I am also interested in dynamical aspects, and the study of different Diophantine sets.

See my ArXiv profil, and the following page.

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Antoine MARNAT

MARNAT Antoine

5010 Institute of Analysis and Number Theory
8010 Graz
Steyrergasse 30/II