WW - 55th birthday hike to mount Habicht: pictures

The birthday hike on my 55th birthday was postponed by 6 days to July 29, 2009. I climbed Mount Habicht (3277m), the highest peak that one can reach from the beautiful Gschnitz valley in the Tyrol, where I own an old house in the village of Trins. On this day I was in a good shape; from the departure point (1270m) it took me 4 hours to reach the top. You can click on each picture to see a larger (medium size, approx. 180KB) version.

Mount Habicht seen from the distance.

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The rocky peaks that you can see on pictures 1, 2, 6 and 14 are the Tribulaun group. On picture 6, behind the clouds, there are some Dolomite peaks. Picture 3 looks down into the Gschnitz valley. Picture 4 shows the highest peaks of the Stubaier Alps: Zuckerhütl and Pfaff (mid-left), and more distant (on the right), two high peaks of the Ötztaler Alps (Weisskugel and Wildspitze). The glacier mountains on picture 5 are those at the end of the Gschnitz valley (Feuersteine). On picture 7, in the middle, one sees mount Olperer (Tuxer Alps). On picture 8 one sees the remnants of a small glacier below mount Habicht peak; it has melted away significantly in the last years. On picture 10, there is Innsbruck in the far distance.

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Last modified on October 17, 2009