Graz, a small gallery of photographs

For visitors-to-be who maybe have no idea where Graz is (in Styria, Southeastern region of Austria, second largest city of Austria with approx 235.000 inhabitants) and maybe have no idea how nice the town is: here are a few pictures. You can click on each one to get a medium size variant on your screen.

The Uhrturm (Clock tower), remnant of the Graz castle and the town's landmark

View from the Clock tower. The blue "bubble" in the middle is the Kunsthaus (modern art house)

View from the Schlossberg (castle hill). On the left, the cathedral; on the right, the opera house

View from the Schlossberg; the Mur river

Another view from the Schlossberg; the town hall

On the castle hill

Stairs from the Schlossberg down to the center

Roofs of old houses

Hauptplatz (main square)

Sporgasse, one of the typical alleys in the center

View from the Kunsthaus on the Schlossberg (castle hill)

Summer concerts of classic music in the Stadtpark (town park)

Balkan music (Wiener Tschuschenkapelle) in the Volkshaus (people's house)

The market on Kaiser-Josef-Platz

The Mausoleum of emperor Ferdinand

Eggenberg castle in the Western part of Graz

Wall painting in Eggenberg castle

Goats and sheep at Lustbühel hill, Eastern outskirts of Graz

Season changes in the Northwestern outskirts

Winter view on Graz from the Northeastern outskirts

In the hills just outside Graz (Northeast)

Ice skating on Thalersee West of Graz

Winter view of the Mur river and Schlossberg

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Last modified on October 27, 2008