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Special semester, February - July 2001

Extension of the summer workshop !
"Satellite conference" on Fractals in Graz
Support for young scientists
List of invited guest scientists, February/March
Further participants of the first workshop
Programme of the first workshop
List of invited guest scientists, June/July
Further participants of the second workshop
Programme of the second workshop
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The Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI) will host a special semester with the title 2001 - RANDOM WALKS during the period mid-February -- mid-July 2001. The organizers are
Vadim A. Kaimanovich (Rennes, France); ,
Klaus Schmidt (Vienna, Austria); ,
Wolfgang Woess (Graz, Austria); .
The semester will be dedicated to various problems connected with stochastic processes on geometric and algebraic structures, with an emphasis on their interplay, and also on their interaction with Theoretical Physics. Some of the focal points are: probability on groups; products of random matrices and simplicity of the Lyapunov spectrum; boundary behaviour, harmonic functions and other potential theoretic aspects; Brownian motion on manifolds; combinatorial and spectral properties of random walks on graphs; random walks and diffusion on fractals. There will be two separate main periods of activity in the first (February/March) and in the second (May/June/July) halves of the semester. The first period will start with a two-week workshop with the general theme

Random Walks and Statistical Physics

February 19 - March 2, 2001

Towards the end of the second period there will be another workshop with the general theme 

Random Walks and Geometry

June 18 - July 13, 2001

Extension of the summer workshop

Due to the unexpectedly strong interest in this workshop, we will have many more participants than originally expected. We decided to extend the workshop to a total duration of 4 weeks. We now plan to start on June 18, with a somewhat leisurely pace during this first week, and to proceed with a more intense programme during the following three weeks, ending on July 13. Only in this way are we able to maintain the ESI tradition of not having too many talks per day, with plenty of time for informal contacts and collaboration.

We also mention that there was a "satellite conference" at the Technical University of Graz with the title FRACTALS IN GRAZ 2001: Stochastics - Analysis - Dynamics - Geometry, June 4--9, 2001.
On the level of organization and funding, this is disjoint from the ESI programme. For informations, see

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The following informations concern only the ESI programme in Vienna.


Participation is free. In order to register for participation in one of the two workshops, please send an email to The ESI secretary will provide you with logisitc informations (accomodation, etc.) in due time. Please give us also your mail address and tell us if you will need an official letter for visa or other purposes. Please be patient if we do not reply immediately to your registration.
If you want to give a talk, please give us a (tentative) title. However, we reserve to select among the talks when preparing the final program of each workshop.
One more remark: if you need a letter for visa purpose, then you should in any case give us a brief outline of your work. The reason is that we have received some odd requests wich may be from persons seeking illegal immigration. 

Support for young scientists

The deadline for applications (October 31, 2000) has passed, and we have received many more requests than we expected.
Regarding the first workshop, for those who have not yet received a positive reply, there is only a small last-minute-chance to obtain support if someone else cancels his/her participation. All applicants, even if they do not receive support from the ESI, are of course free to come and may register, see above.
Regarding the second workshop, we will reply to the applications not before January, 2001.

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List of invited guest scientists, February/March

Rob van den Berg (Amsterdam)
Davide Cassi (Parma)
Frank den Hollander (Eindhoven)
Barry Hughes (Melbourne) 
Michael Keane (Eindhoven)
Yuri Kifer (Jerusalem) 
  Sergei Nechaev (Paris)
Pal Revesz (Budapest/Vienna) 
Toshikazu Sunada (Sendai)
Domokos Szasz (Budapest)
Balint Toth (Budapest) 
Anatoli Vershik (St. Petersburg) 

Further participants of the first workshop

Smail Alili (Cergy-Pontoise)
Maria S. Bernabei (Bonn)
Leda Boussiakou (York)
Raffaella Burioni (Parma)
Marco Contedini (Parma)
Sergei Fedotov (Manchester)
Nina Gantert (Berlin)
Ahmed Jellal (Trieste)
Tadeusz Kosztolowicz (Kielce, Poland)
Dmitry Kozakov (Moscow)
Philippe Marchal (Lyon)
Franz Merkl (Eindhoven)
Francesca Nardi (Eindhoven)
Alexander Rabodzei (Moscow)
Frank Redig (Eindhoven)
Sofia Regina (Parma)
Silke Rolles (Eindhoven) 
Alexander Soshnikov (Davis)
Nina Stepanenko (Moscow)
Evgeny Verbitskiy (Eindhoven) 
Sergej Zhitomirskiy (Moscow)
  Marton Balazs (Budapest)
Daniela Bertacchi (Milano)
Pierfrancesco Buonsante (Parma)
Sara Brofferio (Paris)
Dmitry Dolgopyat (University Park, Pennsylvania) 
Thomas Gilbert (Rehovot)
Motoko Kotani (Sendai)
Michail Monastyrsky (Moscow)
Igor Pak (Cambridge, Mass.)
Andras Telcs (Budapset)
Alessandro Vezzani (Parma)
Martin Zerner (Haifa)
Fabio Zucca (Milano)


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Workshop on

Random Walks and Statistical Physics

February 19 - March 2, 2001

Programme of the workshop

Monday, 19 February

Afternoon session. Chair K. Schmidt

14.30              opening

15.00-15.50   Toshikazu SUNADA
                       "Random walks applied to the geometry of crystal lattices"

16.30-17.20   Davide CASSI
                      "Random walks and physical models on graphs -
                      an introduction"

Tuesday, 20 February

Morning session. Chair V. A. Kaimanovich

  9.20-10.10   Thomas GILBERT
                       "Entropy production and fractals"

11.10-12.00   Sergei FEDOTOV
                      "Front propagation, random walks and
                      large deviation theory"

Afternoon session. Chair W .Woess

15.00-15.50   Alessandro VEZZANI
                      "The type problem on the average
                      for random walks on graphs"

16.20-17.10   Rob van den BERG
                       "Hesitant coalescing andom walks"

Wednesday, 21 February

Morning session. Chair T. Sunada

  9.20-10.10   Motoko KOTANI
                       "A central limit theorem for magnetic
                       transition operators on a crystal lattice"

11.10-12.00   Domokos SZASZ
                       "Statistical properties of the multidimensional Lorentz process"

Afternoon session. Chair D. Szasz

15.00-15.50   Balinth TOTH
                       "Self-repelling random walks and deposition models"

16.20-17.10   Silke ROLLES
                       "Reinforced random walks"

Wednesday evening: the ESI invites all participants to a "Heurigen" restaurant.

Thursday, 22 February

Morning session. Chair M. Keane

  9.20-10.10   Sergei NECHAEV
                       "Conformal transforms and multifractality:
                       geometry of locally non-uniform hyperbolic spaces"

11.10-12.00   Andras TELCS
                       "Sub-Gaussian heat kernel estimates, and
                       Harnack inequalities of andom walks on graphs"

Afternoon session. Chair S. Nechaev

15.00-15.50   Michail I. MONASTYRSKI
                       "Statistics of knots and random walks on Hecke lattices"

16.20-17.10   Fabio ZUCCA
                       "Equidistribution of random walks on spheres"

Friday, 23 February

Morning session. Chair F. den Hollander

  9.20-10.10   Smail ALILI
                       "Discrete-time branching random walk and the voter model"

11.10-12.00   Daniela BERTACCHI
                       "Classification on the average of random walks"

Afternoon session. Chair D. Cassi

15.00-15.50   Vadim A. KAIMANOVICH
                       "Random walks with random transition probabilities"

Monday, 26 February

Chair B. D. Hughes

11.10-12.00   Wolfgang WOESS
                       "Periodic oscillations of transition
                       probabilities on the Sierpinski graph"

15.00-15.50   Raffaella BURIONI
                       "Random walks and geometrical universality on graphs"

16.20-17.10   Pal REVESZ
                       "Local time of coalescing random walk"

Tuesday, 27 February

Morning session. Chair P. Revesz

  9.20-10.10   Philippe MARCHAL
                       "Loop-erased random walks and heaps of cycles"

11.10-12.00   Yuri KIFER
                       "Dimension gap for continued fractions
                       with random digits and related problems"

Afternoon session. Chair R. van den Berg

15.00-15.50   Frank REDIG
                       "Entropy production for interacting random walks"

16.20-17.10   Evgeny VERBITSKIY
                       "On the variational principle for the topological
                       entropy of certain non-compact sets"

Wednesday, 28 February

Chair Y. Kifer

  9.20-10.10   Francesca R. NARDI
                       "Metastability for the Ising model
                       with a parallel dynamics"

11.10-12.00   Igor PAK
                       "Blind algorithms and Markov chains"

15.00-15.50   Dmitry DOLGOPYAT
                       "Passive transport in random peridoic media"

Thursday, 1 March

Chair B. Toth

  9.20-10.10   Marton BALAZS
                       "Structure of the shock in a new domain growth model"

11.10-12.00   Frank den HOLLANDER
                       "On the volume of the intersection
                       of two Wiener sausages"

15.00-15.50   Anatoli VERSHIK
                       "Random walks on orbits of actions of groups
                       (entropy and past)"

Friday, 2 March

Chair A. Vershik

  9.20-10.10   Franz MERKL/Martin ZERNER
                       "A zero-one law for planar random
                       walks in random environment"

11.10-12.00   Barry HUGHES
                       "Some stochastic problems for the new millennium"

Further seminars:

Thursday, 8 March

14.00-15.00   Michael KEANE
                       "Random coin tossing"

15.30-16.30   Anatoli VERSHIK
                       "Lebesgue measure in infinite dimensional space
                       and properties of Levy's gamma processes"

Tuesday, 13 March, Technical University of Graz

15.00-16.00   Barry HUGHES
                       "Continuous time random walks"

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List of invited guest scientists, June/July

Martine Babillot (Orelans) 
Rob van den Berg (Amsterdam) 
Martin Barlow (Vancouver) 
Donald Cartwright (Sydney) 
Davide Cassi (Parma) 
Thierry Coulhon (Cergy) 
Persi Diaconis (Stanford) [nc]
Steven Evans (Berkeley) 
Alex Furman (Chicago) 
Rostislav Grigorchuk (Moscow) 
Yves Guivarch (Rennes)
David Handelman (Ottawa)
Wojciech Jaworski (Ottawa) 
  Michael Keane (Eindhoven) 
Gregory Lawler (Durham) 
Francois Ledrappier (Paris) 
Russ Lyons (Bloomington) 
Gregory Margulis (New Haven) 
Fabio Martinelli (Rome) 
Stansilav Molchanov (Charlotte) 
Pal Revesz (Vienna / Budapest) [nc]
Ben-Zion Rubshtein (Beer-Sheva) 
Laurent Saloff-Coste (Ithaca) 
Jeff Steif (Goeteborg)
Domokos Szasz (Budapest)
George Willis (Newcastle, NSW) 

[nc] not confirmed.

Further participants of the second workshop

Georges Alexopoulos (Orsay)
Valery Arkhincheev (Ulan-Ude) 
Laurent Bartholdi (Brasilia)
Daniela Bertacchi (Graz)
Sebasiten Blachere (Toulouse)
Emmanuel Breuillard (New Haven)
Sara Brofferio (Paris)
Alexander Bufetov (Princeton)
Anna Dioubina-Erschler (Tel Aviv)
Galina Filipuk (Minsk)
David Fisher (New Haven)
Sergei Frolovichev (Moscow)
Alexander Gamburd (Berkeley)
Ilya Goldsheid (London)
Eugene Gutkin (Santa Monica)
Chris Hoffman (Seattle)
Alessandra Iozzi (Zurich)
Anders Karlsson (Zurich)
Anatoly Katok (State College, PA)
Tamer Khalil (Cairo)
Anatoly N. Kochubei (Kiev)
Mokhtar Konsowa (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Katarina Krupchik (Minsk)
Michel Leprince (Rennes) 
Pierre Mathieu (Marseille)
Michail Monastyrski (Moscow)
Roman Muchnik (New Haven)
Tatiana Nagnibeda (Stockholm)
Volodia Nekrashevych (Kiev)
Arnaldo Nogueira (Marseille)
Sam Northshield (Plattsburgh)
C. R. E. Raja (Bangalore)
Jacqui Rammage (Newcastle, NSW)
David Revelle (Ithaca)
Riddhi Shah (Mumbai)
Yehuda Shalom (Jerusalem)
Nikita Sidorov (Manchester)
Meir Smorodinsky (Tel Aviv)
Rita Solomyak (Seattle)
Varju Tamas (Budapest)
Andras Telcs (Budapest)
A. Uglanov (Yaroslavl)
Tamas Varju (Budapest)
John Velling (New York)
Raphael Voituriez (Paris Orsay)
Anton Zorich (Rennes)
Fabio Zucca (Milano)
Andrzeij Zuk (Lyon)
  Udo Baumgartner (Frankfurt)
Abraham Boyarski (Montreal)
Eliot Brenner (New Haven)
Angeles Carmona (Barcelona)
Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein (Benevento)
Christophe Cuny (Rennes)
Moon Duchin (Chicago) 
Timothy R. Field (Malvern, UK)
Wojciech Florek (Chicago) 
Pawel Gora (Montreal) 
Kenneth Hochberg (Ramat Gan, Israel)
Irene Hueter (Gainesville)
Inkang Kim (Seoul) 
Adam Koranyi (New York)
Dimitry Kozakov (Moscow)
Bernhard Kroen (Graz) 
Brenda MacGibbon (Montreal) 
Yuri Neretin (Moscow)
Dimitri Petritis (Rennes)
Christophe Pittet (Toulouse)
Mark Policott (Manchester)
Iris Reinbacher (Graz)
Richard Sharp (Manchester)
Karl-Theo Sturm (Bonn)
Christiane Takacs (Linz) 
John Taylor (Montreal)
Alain Valette (Neuchatel)
Klaus Ziegler (Augsburg)


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Workshop on

Random Walks and Geometry

June 18 - July 13, 2001

Programme of the workshop

Talks indicated with [*] will take place in the lecture room of the Institute of Mathematics that is next to the ESI lecture room. All other talks will take place in the ESI lecture room.

Here is a postscript file containing abstracts of most talks.

Monday, 18 June

Chair K. Schmidt

12.00              opening

12.10-13.00   Martin BARLOW
                      "Which values of the volume growth and
                       anomalous diffusion exponents are possible?"

15.00-15.50   Anders KARLSSON
                      "Multiplicative ergodic theory and Busemann functions"

Tuesday, 19 June

Chair M. Keane

10.00-10.50   Yves GUIVARC'H  [*]
                       "Orbits of linear group actions, random walks on
                       homogeneous spaces, and toral automorphisms"

12.00-12.50   Yuri NERETIN
                       "Combinatorial analogue of the group of diffeomorphisms
                       of the circle and Hilbert spaces associated with trees"

15.00-15.50   Roman MUCHNIK
                       "Semigroup action on T^n"

Wednesday, 20 June

Chair M. Babillot

10.00-10.50   Domokos SZASZ [*]
                      "Recurrence of the planar Lorentz process by dynamical methods"

12.00-12.50   Sara BROFFERIO
                       "How a centred random walk on the affine group
                       goes to infinity"

15.00-15.50   Russell LYONS
                       "Uniform spanning forests and the
                       Geometry of random walks and groups"

Thursday, 21 June

Chair V. A. Kaimanovich

10.00-10.50   Alexander BUFETOV [*]
                       "Markov operators and pointwise convergence of
                       spherical averages for actions of free groups"

12.00-12.50   Shrikrishna G. DANI
                       "Measures on groups, automorphisms and invariance"

15.00-15.50   Rita SOLOMYAK
                       "Invariant measures for some equivalence relations"

Friday, 22 June

Chair  W. Woess

12.00-12.50   Sam NORTHSHIELD
                       "Cogrowth of arbitrary graphs"

15.00-15.50   Volodymir NEKRASHEVYCH
                       "Limit spaces of self-similar group actions"


Monday, 25 June

Chair S. Dani

11.10-12.00   Jeff STEIF
                      "Dynamical sensitivity of randomness"

15.10-16.00   John VELLING
                      "Escape rates, growth rates and Hausdorff dimension
                       - behaviour at infinity of hyperbolic manifolds"

16.30-17.20  Riddhi SHAH
                         " Levy's measures and self-decomposable measures
                             on Lie groups"

Tuesday, 26 June

Morning session: chair J. Steif

10.00-10.50  Raphael VOITURIEZ [*]
                       "Random walks on the braid group B_3 and magnetic
                        translations in hyperbolic geometry"

11.10-12.00  Steve EVANS
                       "Pinching and twisting Markov processes"

Afternoon  session: chair Y. Guivarc'h

15.10-16.00   Pierre MATHIEU
                       "Log Sobolev and spectral gap inequalities
                        for the knapsack problem"

16.30-17.20  Thierry COULHON
                        "Pointwise estimates for random walks
                           on infinite graphs"

Wednesday, 27 June

Chair S. Evans

10.00-10.50   Inkang KIM [*]
                      "Affine actions and Margulis invariant"

11.10-12.00   Anna ERSCHLER (DYUBINA)
                       "Random walks on amenable groups and harmonic
                        functions on the universal cover of a Riemannian manifold"

14.10-15.00   Donald I. CARTWRIGHT
                       "Isotropic random walks on  buildings"

On late Wednesday afternoon (17.00),  the ESI invites all participants to
a Heurigen vinery-restaurant.

Thursday, 28 June

Morning session: chair  T. Coulhon

10.00-10.50   Tullio CECCHERINI-SILBERSTEIN [*]
                      "Growth tightness of  context-free languages"

11.10-12.00   Laurent BARTHOLDI
                       "Random walks on surface groups, and cactus trees"

Afternoon session: chair D. I. Cartwright

15.10-16.00   Tatiana NAGNIBEDA
                      "Ergodic properties of boundary actions"

16.30-17.20  Rostislav I. GRIGORCHUK
                       "On spectra of Markov operators on groups and graphs"

Friday, 29 June

Chair R.  Lyons

10.00-10.50   Stanislav SMIRNOV  [*]
                       "Conformal invariance of critical percolation"

11.10-12.00   Greg LAWLER
                       "Conformal invariance and continuum limits of
                        two-dimensional systems"

15.10-16.00   Chris HOFFMAN
                      "Random walk on percolations clusters"


Monday, 2 July

Morning session: chair  T. Nagnibeda

10.00-10.50  Mark POLICOTT
                      "Ergodicity of frame flows and their stable foliations"

11.10-12.00  Ben-Zion RUBSHTEIN
                       "On a class of one-sided Markov shifts"

Afternoon  session: chair B.-Z. Rubshtein

15.00-15.50   Wojciech JAWORSKI
                         "Boundaries of random walks and
                          SAT actions of locally compact groups"

16.10-17.00  Andrzej ZUK
                        "Random walks and the Atyiah conjecture"

Tuesday, 3 July

Morning session: chair  A. Furman

10.00-10.50   Richard SHARP
                       "A local limit theorem for closed geodesics
                        and homology"

11.10-12.00   Francois LEDRAPPIER
                        "Ergodic properties of some linear actions"

Afternoon  session: chair  W. Jaworski

15.00-15.50  David FISHER
                       "Local rigidity of group actions on
                         homogeneous manifolds"

16.10-17.00  Tim FIELD
                        "Stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi theory on manifolds -
                         the emergence of wave-functions"

Wednesday, 4 July

Morning session: chair  D. I. Cartwright

10.00-10.50   Pawel GÓRA
                          "Absolutely continuous invariant measures for
                           random maps with position dependent probabilities"

11.10-12.00   Bernhard KRÖN  [*]
                          "Green functions and asymptotics of transition probabilities
                           on self-similar graphs"

Afternoon  session: chair  R. I. Grigorchuk

15.00-15.50  Gregory MARGULIS
                         "Recurrence properties of random walks on locally
                          symmetric spaces"

16.10-17.00  Ilya GOLDSHEID  [*]
                         "Lingering random walks in quasi-one-dimensional
                            random environment"

Thursday, 5 July

Morning session: chair  L. Saloff-Coste

10.00-10.50  Franz LEHNER
                        "On the computation of spectra on free product groups"

11.10-12.00  Christophe PITTET
                          "On an inequality of Varopoulos for finitely generated
                           groups and the question of its optimality"

Afternoon  session: chair  T. Coulhon

14.00-14.50  Andras TELCS
                         "On an almost new isoperimetric inequality"

15.00-15.50  Dimitri PETRITIS
                        "Random walks on randomly oriented lattices"

Friday, 6 July

Morning session: chair G. Lawler

10.00-10.50  Fabio MARTINELLI
                         "Asymmetric simple exclusion and interfaces of the
                         quantum XXZ model"

11.10-12.00  Irene HUETER  [*]
                         "Mean square displacement of self-avoiding walk
                          in all dimensions"

Afternoon  session: chair G. Margulis

14.00-14.50  Alex FURMAN
                         "Entropy and cocycle growth along random walks"

15.10-16.00  Alex ESKIN
                          "Uniform exponential growth for linear groups"


Monday, 9 July

Morning session: chair D. Fisher

10.00-10.50  Anton ZORICH
                         "Geometry and dynamics of flat surfaces"

11.10-12.00  Arnaldo NOGUEIRA
                         "Ergodic properties of the Euclidean algorithms"

Afternoon  session: chair A. Nogueira

15.00-15.50   Nikita SIDOROV
                          "Unique beta-representations of real numbers and dynamics"

16.10-17.00   Angeles CARMONA
                          "Boundary values on networks: some applications to random walks"

Tuesday, 10 July

Morning session: chair  Y. Guivarc'h

10.00-10.50   David REVELLE
                          "Rate of escape of random walks on groups"

11.10-12.00   Laurent SALOFF-COSTE
                          "Lower bound in total variation for random walks on finite groups"

Afternoon  session: chair  W. Woess

15.00-15.50  Georges ALEXOPOULOS
                         "Random walks on nilpotent groups"

16.10-17.00  Sebastien BLACHERE
                         "Cut times for random walks on groups of polynomial growth"

Wednesday, 11 July

Morning session: chair A. Koranyi

10.00-10.50   Alexander GAMBURD
                          "Expander graphs, random matrices and quantun chaos"

11.10-12.00   Stanislav MOLCHANOV
                          "Random walks on finite and compact groups and testing of RNG"

Afternoon  session: chair  K. Schmidt

15.00-15.50  Marc BURGER
                         "Bounded cohomology and rigidity theory"

16.10-17.00  Alessandra IOZZI
                         "De Rham cohomology of amenable foliations"

Thursday, 12 July

Morning session: chair  S. Dani

10.00-10.50  George WILLIS
                          "Totally disconnected locally compact groups"

11.10-12.00  Christiane TAKACS
                         "Strong law of large numbers for branching Markov chains"

Afternoon  session: chair  S.  Molchanov

15.00-15.50  Anatoly KOCHUBEI
                         "Stochastic processes over non-Archimedian fields"

16.10-17.00  Valery ARKHINCHEEV
                          "Fractal diffusion equations: microscopic models with
                          anomalous diffusion"

Friday, 13 July

Morning session: chair M. Burger

10.00-10.50   Eugene GUTKIN
                          "Mathematics of billiards"

11.10-12.00  Anatoly KATOK
                          "Are random walks of any good for classical dynamical systems ?"

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Proceedings of the workshop "Random Walks and Geometry"

Proceedings of the June-July workshop "Random Walks and Geometry" will be published by de Gruyter.  We ask the participants who wish to  submit a contribution to contact the organizers.  All contributions will be refereed.

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