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There will be an organised bus-connection on Friday night, after the welcoming reception, leaving from the `Krebsenkeller' at 20:30 o' clock to the location of the workshop, which is St. Kathrein, about an hour's drive up the mountains. The idea is that most people meet at the reception, and make use of the FREE bus-ride.
Another free bus ride is organised for after the workshop, on Monday, July 6th. It leaves St. Kathrein at about nine o' clock. There will be organised taxis for all of those who have to leave earlier than that.

The Alp-Workshop 2009 will be held at the Gasthof Schwaiger in St. Kathrein am Offenegg. We plan to meet in Graz on Friday evening, 3ed of July. There will be an organised bus leaving from graz at about 9 `o clock, p.m. For anyone who wishes to arrive at a later time, there are busses going to Weiz, leaving from Graz every hour; from there it is possible to continue by taxi. Otherwise, it may be arranged to go by one of the private cars of the participants living in Graz. Please, let us know by what means you intend to arrive, so that we can organize a pickup, if necessary.

Travelling by plane

There are two cheap airlines flying directly to Graz: Ryan Air - if coming from London, and Intersky - if coming from Berlin, Nice, Paris, Cologne or Hamburg (via Friedrichshafen). Alternatively, Ryan Air flies to Bratislava, and a train ride of four hours takes you to Graz.