ArithRand 2022 (1.+2. July 2022, Graz)

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ArithRand 2022
Organisers: Christian Elsholtz (Graz), Thomas Stoll (Nancy)
with the help of Gabriel Lipnik, Pierre Bienvenu and Michael Muhr.

Abstracts are here (pdf)


Preliminary programme:
Friday 1.7.
8.30-8.45 Informal registration 9.00 Opening of the conference (Christian Elsholtz and Thomas Stoll)

9.10-9.55 Florian Luca (CHANGE!)
10.00-10.45 Rainer Dietmann


Chair: Michael Drmota
11.25-11.45 Kübra Benli
11.50-12.10 Pierre Bienvenu
12.15-12.35 Andrei Shubin

Chair: Thomas Stoll
14.00-16.30 Small group sessions (seminar rooms)
16.30-17.15 Igor Shparlinski
17.25 Open problems/informal discussions on possible arithrand plans (conferences 2023/24?)
19.00-22.00 Restaurant L'Osteria (Mehlplatz 1)

Saturday 2.7.
Chair: Rainer Dietmann
9.00-9.45 Cathy Swaenepoel
9.55-10.25 Michael Drmota
10.25-10.55 Lukas Spiegelhofer
11.00-11.40 Break

Chair: Igor Shparlinski
11.40-12.00 Paul Peringuey
12.05-12.50 Arne Winterhof
Lunch Break
14.30-16.30 Research in small groups

16.30-17.00 Final discussion/open problems etc


In Graz (city and TU Graz) and when entering Austria there are no restrictions that I am aware of. No masks required. (Airlines or train companies outside Austria might have their own restrictions.) However, the incidence figures are increasing again since end of May, due to the new variants Ba.5. We have chosen large lecture rooms so that distance keeping is possible.


We will have invited talks of about 45-50 minutes by Rainer Dietmann, Florian Luca, Igor Shparlinski, Cathy Swaenepoel, Arne Winterhof, and further talks by Michael Drmota, Lukas Spiegelhofer, Kübra Benli, Pierre Bienvenu, Andrei Shubin, Paul Peringuey

Open problems

So far my question about open problems did not reveal much.
Please let us (CE and TS) know if you would like to present one. We can have an open problem session, even though maybe it is very brief only.


The workshop is on 1.+2. July, roughly from 8.45 to 17.00.


The conference takes place at TU Graz (Steyrergasse 30, go up one level, though it is somehow the groundfloor of that building. Lecture room HS BE01). (Part of our institute is in this building, another part in Kopernikusgasse 24). Here is a link to the building/lecture room link to HS BE01, and a campus map

Other rooms, for small group discussions

I have also reserved the two seminar rooms opposite of HS BE01, (SR AE02 and SR AE06) and also the Number theory seminar room at Kopernikusgasse 24. (Please note that on Friday afternoon the main lecture room HS BE01 is used for an exam.)

Closest tram stop

Next tram stop is "Neue Technik" on line 6. (From Hauptplatz to Steyregasse 30 at most 20 minutes walk, from Jakominiplatz at most 15 minutes, from Hotel Göllner at most 10, from Dietrichsteinplatz at most 8 minutes walk.) Walking routes from Hauptplatz (Jakomiplatz, Dietrichsteinplatz is on the route)


Some other ArithRand participants (who cannot travel to Graz) might be online. There will not be any recording, and the video is only accessible to ArithRand colleagues.


Bruno Martin
Christoph Aistleitner
Piere Bienvenu
Bence Borda
Johann Brauchart
Christian Elsholtz
Christopher Frei
Manuel Hauke
Sebastian Heintze
Benjamin Klahn
Gabriel Lipnik
Paolo Minelli
Marc Technau
Robert Tichy
Michael Wibmer
Florian Luca
Lukas Spiegelhofer
Jörg Thuswaldner
Arne Winterhof
London (Egham)
Rainer Dietmann
Sary Drappeau
Joel Rivat
Kübra Benli
Cecile Dartyge
Manfred Madritsch
Paul Peringuey
Pierre Popoli
Thomas Stoll
Cathy Swaenepoel
Igor Shparlinksi
Michael Drmota
Antoine Marnat
Andrei Shubin
Jean-Marc Deshouillers
Olivier Robert
Gerald Tenenbaum

DINNER on July 1st

July 1st, 19.00: I have reserved at Restaurant "L'Osteria", Mehlplatz 1 . This is Italian style (though not actually Italian), it's famous for its superlarge pizzas, (it's fine to share the pizza: one pizza, two plates), but of course you also get many other dishes. (Please pay for your own consumption.) Map to L'Osteria


On Friday there are lots of lunch options nearby, including at the "Mensa (rooftop)" (superb view over the city, 1 minute from Steyrergasse 30, or many places on Münzgrabenstrasse). On Saturday, there are less options, but Münzgrabenstrasse still has sufficiently many open places.


We decided to go for a minimalistc coffee solution:
In Steyergasse 30 basement, one level below the conference, there is a coffee machine (coins needed).
In Kopernikusgasse 24, 2nd floor in our institute's coffee room there is a machine.
It's about 5 minutes walk.
Paul and Bohne (closed on saturday), Schörgelgasse 34, also 5 minutes walk.

TRAVEL/Public Transport/Car parking

Touristic info

If you have time left beyond maths and sightseeing in the city centre: Let's enjoy the conference, and let's be glad that travel is possible this year!