Erwin Schrödinger Institute
Vienna, March 12-25, 2006

RDSES/ESI Educational Workshop
on Discrete Probability


Minicourses by P. Diaconis, A. Gamburd, G. Lawler, Ch. Pittet
Senior guests
Junior fellows and participants
Workshop program
Public lecture of Persi Diaconis
Logistic informations


The workshop is sponsored by the European Science Foundation programme Phase Transitions and Fluctuation Phenomena for Random Dynamics in Spatially Extended Systems (RDSES) with headquarters at EURANDOM (Eindhoven), and the Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI) in Vienna.


The workshop is organzied by

Vadim A. Kaimanovich (Bremen, Germany), email: v [dot] kaimanovich [at] iu-bremen [dot] de
Klaus Schmidt (Vienna, Austria), email: klaus [dot] schmidt [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at
Wolfgang Woess (Graz, Austria), email: woess [at] tugraz [dot] at

Workshop email: RDSES.ESI [at] esi [dot] ac [dot] at

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Purpose of the conference

This workshop is intended as a follow-up, with a slightly different format, to the successful ESI Special Semester
See its proceedings volume, edited by V. A. Kaimanovich with K. Schmidt and W. Woess: Random Walks and Geometry, de Gruyter, Berlin, 532+x pages, 2004.
The last years saw quite a few conferences in which random walks and related topics played a rather central role, and which have lead to a rather good consolidation of international exchange between the various research groups or single persons that work on random walks and related fields of probability with a structure-theoretical component. Therefore it now appears highly desirable to organize an event whose main goal is to attract and to be fruitful for a wider range of young researchers coming from Europe as well as other countries.

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Mincourses and program

We plan to have four minicourses of 4-6 hours each, two within each of the two weeks of the Workshop.

First week:
Alex Gamburd (Princeton): "Discrete and continuous variations on the expanding theme"
Talks: Monday 13 - Thursday 16 March 15.00-15.50

Christophe Pittet (Marseille): "Random walks and isoperimetry in compactly generated groups"
Talks: Monday 13 March 10.00-10.50 and Tuesday 14 - Friday 17 March 9.10-10.00

Second week:
Persi Diaconis (Stanford): "Sharp transitions in probability, combinatorics, and statistical mechanics"
Talks: Monday 20 March 10.00-10.50 and Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 March 9.10-10.00

Greg Lawler (Cornell): "Random walk problems from statistical physics"
Talks: Monday 20 - Friday 24 March 15.00-15.50

Besides the minicourses, participants and senior guests will give talks on their recent work.

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Senior guests

There will also be a certain number of senior guests:

Alexander Bendikov (Wroclaw) 12-19 March
Eva Damek (Wroclaw) 18-25 March
Michael Drmota (Vienna) 13 and 17-25 March
Ben Hambly (Oxford) 12-16 March
Motoko Kotani (Sendai) 19-25 March
Christian Krattenthaler (Vienna) 13-25 March
Takashi Kumagai (Kyoto) 19-25 March
Steve Lalley (Chicago) 18-26 March
Terry Lyons (Oxford) 17-18 March
Pierre Mathieu (Marseille) 19-26 March
Balint Toth (Budapest) 13-19 March

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Junior fellows and participants

There is no registration fee. Whoever wishes to participate at his own expenses (or with other financial sources) is asked to register by email to the above workshop email address, indicating "Subject: registration" in that message.

Important: If you have registered, but your name is not contained in the following list, or if the period of your stay is indicated as ?-? March, please contact the organizers at the workshop email address AND the ESI secretariat at
secr [at] esi [dot] ac [dot] at

Gideon Amir (Rehovot) 12-26 March
Kathrin Bacher (Bonn) 12-24 March
Cyril Banderier (Paris-Nord) 12-25 March
Sara Brofferio (Paris-Sud) 19-24 March
Dariusz Buraczewski (Wroclaw) 18-25 March
Andrea Carpignani (Pisa) 12-24 March
Fabienne Castell (Marseille) 19-26 March
Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein (Benevento) 19-22 March
Andrea Collevecchio (Pescara) 17-26 March
David Croydon (Oxford) 13-29 March
Daniele D'Angeli (Roma) 12-25 March
Alfredo Donno (Roma) 12-25 March
Lorenz Gilch (Graz) 13-23 March
Bernhard Gittenberger 13-24 March
Driss Gretete (Marseille) 13-19 March
Ori Gurel-Gurevich (Rehovot) 12-25 March
Ulrich Haböck (Vienna) 12-25 March
Satoshi Ishiwata (Tsukuba) 12-25 March
Iva Kozakova (Nashville) 12-26 March
Markus Kuba (Vienna) 12-25 March
Reinhard Kutzelnigg (Vienna) 13-24 March
Vincent Le Prince (Vannes) 12-19 March
Franz Lehner (Graz) 20-22 March
Pierre-Yves Louis (Potsdam) 18-25 March
Taku Matsui (Fukuoka) 19-29 March
Matthias Meiners (Münster) 12-25 March
Peter Mester (Bloomington) 13-26 March
Mariyan Milev (Trento) 12-25 March
Roman Muchnik (New Haven) 19-24 March
Sebastian Müller (Münster) 12-25 March
Take Nakama (Baltimore) 10-26 March
James Parkinson (Sydney) 7-28 March
Mattia Perrone (Marseille) 11-19 March
Balazs Rath (Budapest) 11-26 March
Clement Rau (Marseille) 12-22 March
Ann-Kathrin Roewer (Bonn) 12-24 March
Anna Rudas (Budapest) 12-24 March
Maura Salvatori (Milano/Graz) 20-25 March
Fabio Scarabotti (Roma) 19-22 March
Olivier Siegenthaler (Lausanne) 20-24 March
Florian Sobieczky (Graz) 12-25 March
Alexander Soreff (Vienna) 13-24 March
Wolfgang Steiner (Paris) 12-25 March
Thomas Stoll (Vienna) 13-24 March
Imre Tamas (Budapest) 20-25 March
Tatsuya Tate (Nagoya) 11-22 March
Andras Telcs (Budapest) 13 March
Elmar Teufl (Bielefeld) 12-24 March
Michael Thon (Bremen) 12-25 March
Adam Timar (Bloomington/Graz) 12-23 March
Filippo Tolli (Roma) 19-22 March
Roman Urban (Wroclaw) 18-25 March
Tomas Vetrik (Bratislava) 13-24 March

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Workshop program

The workshop programm is now available at

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Public lecture of Persi Diaconis

Persi Diaconis will give a public lecture at on Thursday, 23 March at 19.00.
Title: Mathematics and Magic Tricks.
(Click on the title for more information.)

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Logistic informations

All logistic informations about the workshop location can be found on the ESI homepage.
The ESI administration will provide help regarding accomodation, but only upon your direct request.

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