Conference fee

Regular fee (until May 15, 2016): EUR 100

Late fee (after May 15, 2016): EUR 120

Payment details

For administrative reasons we prefer a wire transfer of the conference fee. However, in order to avoid high transfer expenses, it is also possible to pay in cash at the registration desk of the conference. Note that in this case you have to pay the late fee.
If you make a wire transfer please see below:

  • make sure that all expenses are paid so that the full amount actually arrives and
  • enter E-1501P27816 and your registration id as the purpose of the transfer. Your registration id is generated once you are registered and displayed in registration web interface when logged in. You can also find it in the confirmation email of your registration.
Recipient: Technische Universität Graz
Address: Rechbauerstrasse 12, 8010 Graz, Austria
Bank: Bank Austria, Vienna, Austria
IBAN: AT421200051656101803
Purpose: E-1501P27816-<your registration id>