Anhänge / Extended version

Appendices to "Sudoku im Mathematikunterricht". This file contains appendices with more technical statements of the methods. Appendices 3-5 are not printed in the original version.


Original paper as published at Springerlink: DOI:10.1007/s00591-006-0014-7

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The paper Sudoku im Mathematikunterricht contains some URL links. For convenience they are linked from here. They were correctly working at the time of writing this paper.
In case you find them outdated, please inform me.

Referenz 3
Referenz 4
Referenz 5
Referenz 6
Referenz 7
Referenz 8
Referenz 9
Referenz 14
Referenz 14
Referenz 20
Referenz 23
The link has apparently expired. The new one is
Referenz 24
Referenz 25
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Referenz 29

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