Pure Mathematics Seminars


9th August 2005
John Cannon (Sydney). "Magma"

13th September
Ellen Jochemsz (TU Eindhoven),
"Simple RSA-attacks in the case of a small private exponent d".
ROOM: C229.

THURSDAY 22nd September 2005
DS Passmann (Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison),
"Invariant ideals in abelian group algebras"
ROOM: C229.

27th September 2005
David Gunderson (Univ of Manitoba, Winnipeg) "Aspects of Ramsey Theory", ROOM C336

4th October 2005
Simon Blackburn (RHUL) "Sets that generate the symmetric group pairwise".

11th October 2005
Benjamin Klopsch (Duesseldorf) "Counting Subgroups in Higher Heisenberg Groups."

18th October 2005
Joint Maths-CS seminar
Graham Brightwell, (LSE), "Non-transitive sets of dice".

(Note: on Oct 18th we have another speaker in the Combinatorics Lab (11am in 229): Andrei Raigorodski (Moscow State University), gives a survey talk on "The chromatic numbers of spaces and Borsuk's partition problem")

25th October 2005
The EDC has invited David Acheson (Oxford).
"How can we solve the Maths Problem?", 16.00-18.00, Bedford Library Seminar Room. The EDC asks to register for this event.

1st November 2005
Nikolay Nikolov (Oxford), "Expander Cayley graphs for finite simple groups"

8th November 2005
Peter Cameron (Queen Mary, Univ London). "Orbit-counting for colourings, flows, and weight enumerators."

15th November 2005
Sophie Huczynska, (St Andrews), "Generalizing permutation arrays".

22nd November 2005
Maura Paterson, (RHUL), "Dynamic frameproof codes".

29th November 2005
Rachel Camina (Cambridge). "Conjugacy class sizes and the IP-graph."