Pure Mathematics Seminars

2nd May 2006
Christophe Ritzenthaler (Marseille),
"Where are the Jacobians ?"

9th May 2006
Tom Sanders (Cambridge) "Additive structures and sumsets"

16th May 2006
ROOM C229 !!
Sean Murphy (RHUL),
"The Independence of Linear Approximations in Symmetric Cryptology"

23rd May 2006
Mark Watkins (Bristol), " Heuristics for counting elliptic curves"
Abstract: We give some heuristics for counting elliptic curves, that is, equations of the form Y^2=X^3+aX+b. First we indicate how many curves there should be with discriminant 4a^3+27b^2 bounded by a parameter T. Then we start to add extra conditions, such as requiring the elliptic curve to have a point (X,Y) with "small" coordinates, or to have non-trivial torsion subgroup, etc.

30th May 2006
John Talbot (UCL).
"Turan's problem for hypergraphs"


This page lists this term's Pure Mathematics Seminars. All are welcome. All seminars will take place in the McCrea Building, Room 219, at 4.00pm, unless stated otherwise. Tea is served before the seminar at 3.30 in Room 237 of the McCrea Building.