My family in June 2003
My son Michael, August 2003
I was born on August 18, 1955 in Bruck/Mur, a small city which is approximately 50 km away from my present home town Graz.
After primary school from 1961 - 1965 , I went to High School in Bruck/Mur from 1965 - 1973.
From October 1973 until May 1974 I served in the Austrian army (without long hair, of course).
In October 1974 I began my study of Mathematics at Graz University of Technology and was able to finish it in November 1979 . As a student I got pretty soon interested in General Topology. This interest was nurtured by Prof. Domiaty and Prof. Laback who supported me at that time in many ways.
In 1979 I began a PhD study under the supervision of Prof. R.Z. Domiaty, the topic of my Thesis was "Symmetrizable and Semimetrizable Spaces" . During that time I also got a position at the Department of Mathematics of Graz University of Technology.
After receiving my PhD degree in 1982 I started my career as a research mathematician and lecturer. In the following years I received very much support and assistance from Prof. Ivan Reilly (University of Auckland,New Zealand) helping me to find my way into the topological community.
At present I am Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Graz University of Technology.
By attending many international conferences I have been able to visit many beautiful parts of the world, and found many friends among the scientific community.
R.Z. Domiaty and O. Laback
Ivan Reilly
My hometown Graz