Kostadinka Lapkova

Curriculum Vitae

Personal data:
Nationality: Bulgarian
E-mail: lapkova (at) math.tugraz.at
Website: http://www.math.tugraz.at/~lapkova/

Work address:
Graz University of Technology
Institute of Analysis and Number Theory
Kopernikusgasse 24/II
8010 Graz, Austria

Main areas of research
My main area of research is analytic number theory, with elements of algebraic number theory. More precisely, I have dealt with class groups and class numbers of real and imaginary quadratic fields, $L$-functions of elliptic curves and zeta-functions of real quadratic fields. I have applied the circle method, Kloosterman and Gauss sums. Recently I am interested in the problems for $k$-free values of inhomogeneous two-variable polynomials and estimating the average number of divisors of one-variable quadratic polynomials.

2007-2012 PhD in Mathematics, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary; Hungarian accreditation (Dr.) by BME in 2015
2005-2007 MSc in Mathematics, Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski, Sofia, Bulgaria
2001-2005 BA in Mathematics, Sofia University St.Kliment Ohridski, Sofia, Bulgaria

Work positions:
Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 Post-doc (University project assistant), Institute of Analysis and Number Theory, TU Graz
Sept. 2013-Sept. 2016 Post-doc (Fiatal kutato), Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Oct. 2014-Feb. 2015 Course instructor: Analytic Number Theory, University of Vienna
Mar. 2005-June 2007 Statistician at Risk Management Department, Jet Finance Intl, Sofia, Bulgaria
Oct. 2004-Feb. 2007 Teaching assistant: Calculus, Differential equations, Sofia University
Sept. 2004-Mar. 2005 Mathematics teacher, Druzsba College, Bankia, Bulgaria

2016 Hertha Firnberg Grant, Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
2014 Back-to-Research Grant, University of Vienna
2010-2011 PhD Thesis Write-up Grant + DRSG (spent at University of Toronto), Central European University Foundation Budapest
2007-2010 Full doctoral fellowship, Central European University
2003-2004 One-year grant for a student in mathematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Other professional activities:
Reviewer for ZentralBlatt (2012-2014) and Mathematical Reviews (2012-).

Jan 2017 Zahlentheoretisches Kolloquium, TU Graz
Sept 2016 MATH PhD seminar, Central European University, Budapest
Sept 2016 ELAZ2016 conference, Strobl, Austria
May 2016 Number theory seminar, Rényi Instute of Mathematics, Budapest
Aug 2015 Joint Austrian-Hungarian Mathematical Conference, Győr
July 2015 29th Journées Arithmétiques Debrecen, Hungary
Dec 2014 Number theory colloquium, TU Graz
Nov 2014 Young researchers conference, Rényi Instute of Mathematics, Budapest
Nov 2014 Number theory seminar, Rényi Instute of Mathematics, Budapest
July 2014 ENFANT conference, Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn
May 2014 Algebra seminar, TU Wien
Mar 2014 Number theory seminar, BOKU Wien
May 2013 Number theory and dynamical systems seminar, Sofia University
May 2012 Number theory seminar, Rényi Instute of Mathematics, Budapest
Aug 2011 Paul Turán Memorial Conference Budapest, Hungary
June 2011 27th Journées Arithmétiques Vilnius, Lithuania
Sept 2010; Nov 2010 GANITA Seminar, University of Toronto
July 2006 International conference Pioneers of Bulgarian Mathematics Sofia, Bulgaria

Last update: 12.01.2017