Franz Lehner


    Indignum est excellentium virorum horas servili
    calculandi labore perire quia machina adhibita
    vilissimo cuique secure transcribi possit.

    G.W.Leibniz 1

    Computer Algebra

    Since MuPAD went commercial I use Axiom for calculations. Actually, the most useful fork of Axiom at the moment (and perhaps for the next 30 years) is FriCAS; but see also OpenAxiom.

    Combinatorial Probability

    Some time ago I started to write a package for combinatorial probability theory in FriCAS. It can handle computations with moments, cumulants and orthogonal polynomials and is included in the FriCAS library since release 1.1.4. Here is a short description and example files 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . Here is a source code is annotated using noweb and typeset here.
    In the future I plan to release packages for set partitions and algebras which will allow to handle multivariate noncommutative probability as well.

    (1) "For it is unworthy of distinguished men to waste their time with slavish calculations, which can be done safely with the use of this machine by anyone else."