Arithmetic Randomness


4 PostDoc positions in number theory

4 PostDoc positions in international project ARITHRAND
on deterministic and probabilistic questions in number theory,
Graz University of Technology,
Vienna University of Technology,
Université d'Aix-Marseille (Luminy), and
Université de Lorraine (Nancy)

The project intends to study questions in analytic number theory and related areas, such as the Sarnak and Chowla conjectures on the Möbius function, arithmetic functions, prime numbers, additive combinatorics, etc. An idea of the scope of the project can also be gained from the lists of publications of the project leaders in charge of the postdoc positions
Christian Elsholtz
Michael Drmota
Joël Rivat
Thomas Stoll

The 4 PostDoc positions are hosted at
Graz University of Technology (up to 32 months),
Vienna University of Technology (up to 24 months),
Université d'Aix-Marseille (Luminy) (up to 12 months), and
Université de Lorraine (Nancy) (up to 12 months).

The positions are available from February 2021 (exceptions are possible). Cooperation and longer visits with colleagues at the partner institutions (that also include Calais (Littoral), Bordeaux, St. Etienne) are encouraged. The project positions in Graz and Vienna are funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), and the positions in Marseille and Nancy by the Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) in France.
The PostDoctoral gross salary paid by the FWF can be found here. (Note that the annual salary consists of 14(!) monthly salaries).
The salary of the positions in France is according to the rules of the Universite de Lorraine (Nancy) or the CNRS (Marseille) for postdocs (estimated about 2.300 Euro net/month).
A Travel allowance is available for all positions.
There is no teaching obligation.

All four Universities host active research groups in number theory, the members taking part in this project include:
Graz: Elsholtz, Aistleitner, Grabner, Tichy
Vienna: Drmota, Müllner, Spiegelhofer
Marseille: Rivat, Drappeau, Ramaré
Nancy: Stoll, Dartyge, Tenenbaum.

Informal enquiries can be sent to
Graz: Christian Elsholtz (elsholtz AT
Vienna: Michael Drmota (michael.drmota AT
Marseille: Joël Rivat (joel.rivat AT
Nancy: Thomas Stoll (thomas.stoll AT

Applications: Applications for the position(s) of interest should be emailed to the corresponding address(es) above, by 15th October 2020 (evening), with subject line "ARITHRAND, Application for PostDoc position". (You can apply to several of these positions in parallel, but should mention this in your cover letter.) Applications should include
  • Cover letter explaining your background and motivation, and when you would be available to start the position
  • CV, including a description of your previous research
  • pdf scans of academic certificates (including courses and grades on Bachelor, Master, PhD courses)
  • name and contact details of 2-3 advisors/referees
  • If possible, all files merged into one pdf document, otherwise zipped into one file.
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