Program of the Conference

Monday, June 2

Monday: Morning session (Chair: )
0930-1000Coffee break
1000-1030Opening: Massimo Picardello
1030-1115 Vadim Kaimanovich (Ottawa)
Title: Invariance, reversibility and the modular cocycle
1130-1200 Sebastian Müller (Marseille)
Title: Random walks - from periodic trees to hyperbolic groups
1200-1245 James Parkinson (Sydney)
Title: Random walks on buildings
Monday: Afternoon session (Chair: )
1500-1530Florian Lehner (Graz)
Title: Breaking graph symmetries by random colourings
1530-1615 Carsten Thomassen (Copenhagen)
Title: Orientations and decompositions of graphs
1620-1700Coffee break
1700-1730 Wilfried Imrich (Leoben)
Title: Infinite Graphs with Finite 2-Distinguishing Cost
1730-1800 Christoph Temmel (Amsterdam)
Title: Clique decompositions of infinite chordal graphs
1800-1900 Conference reception
Wine, olives etc.

Tuesday, June 3

Tuesday: Morning session (Chair: )
0900-0945Laurent Saloff-Coste (Cornell)
Title: Random walks driven by measures supported on powers of generators
1000-1030 Wilfried Huss (Graz)
Title: Recurrence and transience of rotor-router walks
1030-1100Coffee break
1100-1145 Toshikazu Sunada (Tokyo)
Title: Random walks, Diophantine problems, and rational points in complex quadrics
1200-1245 Motoko Kotani (Tohoku)
Title: Discrete Geometric Analysis applied to structural understanding of Materials
Tuesday: Afternoon session (Chair: )
1500-1530Fabio Zucca (Milano)
Title: Fixed points of generating functions and strong local survival of Branching Random Walks
1530-1615 Steve Lalley (Chicago)
Title: Stochastic models of spatial epidemics and hybrid percolation
1620-1700Coffee break
1700-1730 Elisabetta Candellero (Warwick)
Title: Ends of critical branching random walks
1730-1800 Daniela Bertacchi (Milano)
Title: Branching random walks on the percolation cluster of $\mathbb Z^d$

Wednesday, June 4

Wednesday: Morning session (Chair: )
0900-0945Tatiana Nagnibeda (Geneva)
Title: Lamplighters, spider-web and de Brujin graphs
1000-1030 Daniele D'Angeli (Graz)
Title: Topological and isometric properties of the zig-zag product of graphs
1030-1100Coffee break
1100-1145 Daniel Lenz (Jena)
Title: Schreier graphs and quasicrystals
1200-1245 Anders Karlsson (Geneva)
Title: Spectral invariants of graphs and the Riemann zeta function

Wednesday afternoon: free.

Thursday, June 5

Thursday: Morning session (Chair: )
0900-0945Agelos Georgakopoulos (Warwick)
Title: Group Walk Random Graphs
1000-1030 Andras Telcs (Budapest)
Title: The first step of the Brownian Sheep
1030-1100Coffee break
1100-1145 Franz Lehner (Graz)
Title: Graph products and combinatorics of generating functions
1200-1245 Sara Brofferio (Paris):
Title: On unbounded invariant measures of stochastic dynamical systems
Thursday: Afternoon session (Chair: )
1500-1530Behrang Forghani (Ottawa)
Title: Asymptotic Entropies of Transformed Random Walks
1530-1615 Laurent Bartholdi (Göttingen)
Title: Growth and Poisson boundary
1620-1700Coffee break
1700-1730 Johannes Cuno (Graz)
Title: Random walks on Baumslag-Solitar groups
1930-0000 Conference dinner Ristorante TONINO

Friday, June 6

Friday: Morning session (Chair: )
0900-0945Marc Peigne (Tours)
Title: Margulis function and rigidity for non uniform lattices in negative curvature
1000-1030 Norbert Seifter (Leoben)
Title: Big subsets with small boundaries in a graph with a vertex-transitive group of automorphisms
1030-1100Coffee break
1100-1145 Francois Ledrappier (Paris)
Title: Local Limit Theorem in negative curvature
1200-1245 Alexander Bendikov (Wroclaw)
Title: On the spectrum of randomly perturbated hierarchical Laplacian