Welcome to the Combinatorial Optimization Group.

The research of the Combinatorial Optimization Group is centred around combinatorial and discrete optimization problems and graph algorithms. We model, analyse and solve structural and algorithmic optimization and decision problems arising from mathematics, theoretical computer science and natural sciences as well as from applications in industry. We apply a variety of methods from different fields of mathematics, theoretical computer science and economics such as mathematical programming, operations research, combinatorics, complexity theory, combinatorics, algorithm theory and graph theory.

The research fields of members of the research group include

  • Special cases of NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems that can be solved or approximated in polynomial time
  • Monge properties and related properties
  • Network flow problems (including parametric flow problems and flows over time)
  • Assignment problems: linear, quadratic, multidimensional
  • Location problems
  • Robust optimization
  • Analysis of graph algorithms
  • Industrial applications of combinatorial optimization
  • Mathematical models in portfolio optimization: theory and applications
  • Risk measures

The Combinatorial Optimization Group is one of the four research groups of the Institute of Discrete Mathematics at TU Graz. It takes an active part in the Mathematical Doctoral School "Discrete Mathematics" (DK plus programme funded by FWF).