Graz Optimization Seminar

The Graz Optimization Seminar is organised by Eranda Dragoti-Cela and Bettina Klinz of the Combinatorial Optimization Group at the Institute of Mathematics at TU Graz since 2020. The Graz Optimization Seminar and the Graz Combinatorics Seminar continue the tradition of the Graz Combinatorics and Optimization Seminar (2016-2019) and the Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar (2012-2015).

The seminar usually takes place on Tuesday or Friday afternoon in the seminar room STEG 050 (aka AE06) on the ground floor of the Mathematics Building at Steyrergasse 30 at the Campus Neue Technik of TU Graz. All talks last approximately one hour, including discussion and questions. The seminar room is equipped with four large blackboards and one digital projector.


Schedule 2021

  • 8.2.2021, 10:00, Online Seminar, Stefan Lendl, University of Graz (abstract)
  • 15.2.2021, 10:00, Online Seminar, Dorothee Henke, University of Dortmund (abstract)
  • 22.2.2021, 10:00, Online Seminar, Paul Tabatabai, Polymer Competence Center Leoben (abstract)
  • 18.5.2021, 16:00, Online Seminar, Margarida Carvalho, University of Montreal (abstract)
  • 25.5.2021, 9:00, Online Seminar, Bernhard Geiger and Christoph Schweimer, Know Center Graz (abstract)
  • 12.7.2021, 15:00, Online Seminar, Corinna Mathwieser, RWTH Aachen

Schedule 2020

  • 13.3.2020, 13:15, BE01, Marc Goerigk, University of Siegen (abstract)
  • 18.5.2020, 15:00, Online Seminar, Lasse Wulf, TU Graz (title)
  • 25.6.2020, 15:00, Online Seminar, Andrei Asinowski, University of Klagenfurt (abstract)
  • 26.6.2020, 11:00, Online Seminar, Gerhard Woeginger, RWTH Aachen
  • 2.7.2020, 16:15, Online Seminar, Lasse Wulf, TU Graz (abstract)