Graz Combinatorics Seminar

The Graz Combinatorics Seminar is organised by Joshua Erde and Mihyun Kang of the Combinatorics Group at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics at TU Graz since 2020. It continues the traditions of the Graz Combinatorics and Optimization Seminar (2016-2019) and the Graz Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar (2012-2015).

The seminar usually takes place on Fridays at 14:15-15:15 (50 min talk plus 10 min discussion) virtually or in the seminar room STEG050 (AE06) on the ground floor (EG) of the Mathematics Building at Steyrergasse 30 at the Campus Neue Technik of TU Graz. The seminar room STEG050 (AE06) is equipped with four blackboards, one digital projector, and a video conference system.

Schedule for SS2022

  • 04.03.2022, Virtual Seminar, Nina Kamčev, University of Zagreb (abstract)
  • 10.03.2022, Virtual Seminar, (non-standard day and time 16:30) Jacob Fox, Stanford University (abstract)
  • 18.03.2022, Virtual Seminar, Asaf Nachmias, Tel Aviv University (abstract)
  • 25.03.2022, Virtual Seminar, Frederik Garbe, Masaryk University (abstract)
  • 01.04.2022, Virtual Seminar, Tobias Müller, Groningen University (abstract)
  • 08.04.2022, Virtual Seminar, Nikolaos Fountoulakis, University of Birmingham (abstract)
  • 15.-29.04.2022, No Seminars, Easter Holidays
  • 06.05.2022, Hybrid AE06/Webex (11:00), Rigorosum, Michael Missethan, TU Graz
  • 06.05.2022, Virtual Seminar, (non-standard time 15:15) Lisa Sauermann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (abstract)
  • 13.05.2022, Virtual Seminar, Matija Bucic, Princeton University (abstract)
  • 20.05.2022, Hybrid AE06/Webex (11:00), Rigorosum, Julian Zalla, TU Graz
  • 20.05.2022, Hybrid NT02008 (212) Kopernikusgasse 24/Webex, Michael Kerber, TU Graz (abstract)
  • 27.05.2022, No Seminar, Rektorstag
  • 03.06.2022, Hybrid AE06/Webex, Michael Anastos, Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria (abstract)
  • 10.06.2022, Virtual Seminar, Pascal Gollin, Institute for Basic Science (IBS) Daejeon (abstract)
  • 17.06.2022, No Seminar, "Fenstertag" after Corpus Christi Holiday
  • 24.06.2022 (14:15-15:15), Virtual Seminar, Shoham Letzter, University College London (abstract)
  • 24.06.2022 (15:30-16:00), Internal Talk, Jelena Petkovic, TU Graz

Schedule for WS2021/2022

  • 17.09.2021, Virtual Seminar, Hong Liu, University of Warwick (abstract)
  • 24.09.2021, Virtual Seminar, Stefan Glock, ETH Zürich (abstract)
  • 01.10.2021, Virtual Seminar, Konstantinos Panagiotou, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (abstract)
  • 08.10.2021, Virtual Seminar, Sang-il Oum, IBS/KAIST (abstract)
  • 15.10.2021, Virtual Seminar, Alan Frieze, Carnegie Mellon University (abstract)
  • 22.10.2021, Virtual Seminar, Yury Person, TU Ilmenau (abstract)
  • 29.10.2021, Virtual Seminar, Amin Coja-Oghlan, TU Dortmund (abstract)
  • 05.11.2021, Virtual Seminar, Dan Kráľ, Masaryk University (abstract)
  • 12.11.2021, Virtual Seminar, Julia Böttcher, London School of Economics (abstract)
  • 19.11.2021, No Seminar, Internal Meeting
  • 26.11.2021, Virtual Seminar, Christina Goldschmidt, University of Oxford (abstract)
  • 03.12.2021, Virtual, Matthew Kwan, Institute of Science and Technology Austria (abstract)
  • 10.12.2021, Discrete Mathematics Day
  • 17.12.2021, Virtual Seminar, Dieter Mitsche, University of Lyon (abstract)
  • 24.12.2021-07.01.2022, No Seminars
  • 14.01.2022, Virtual Seminar, Stephan Wagner, Uppsala University (abstract)
  • 20.01.2022, Virtual Seminar, (non-standard day and time 17:00) David Conlon, California Institute of Technology (abstract)
  • 28.01.2022, Virtual Seminar, Eric Fusy, Laboratoire d'Informatique Gaspard-Monge (abstract)

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