Graz Combinatorics and Optimization Seminar

Graz Combinatorics and Optimization Seminar is organised jointly by the Combinatorics Group and the Combinatorial Optimization Group of the Institute of Discrete Mathematics at TU Graz, since 2016. It continues the tradition of the Graz Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar.

It usually takes place on Fridays at 14:15-15:15 in the lecture room STEG 050 (aka AE06) on the ground floor (EG) of the Mathematics Building at Steyrergasse 30 at the Campus Neue Technik of TU Graz. All talks last approximately one hour, including discussion and questions. The lecture room is equipped with four blackboards and one digital projector.

Schedule for SS2021

  • 05.03.2021, Virtual Seminar, Michael Missethan, TU Graz
  • 12.03.2021, Virtual Seminar, Lutz Warnke, Georgia Institute of Technology (abstract)
  • 19.03.2021, Virtual Seminar, (non-standard time 16:30) Rob Morris, IMPA (abstract)
  • 26.03.2021, Virtual Seminar, Benny Sudakov, ETH Zürich (abstract)
  • 02.04.2021, No Seminar, Easter Holiday
  • 09.04.2021, No Seminar, Easter Holiday
  • 16.04.2021, No Seminar, DK Open Problem Cafe
  • 23.04.2021, Virtual Seminar, Eoin Long, University of Birmingham (abstract)
  • 30.04.2021, Virtual Seminar, Andrew Treglown, University of Birmingham (abstract)
  • 07.05.2021, No Seminar, Internal Meeting
  • 14.05.2021, No Seminar, Internal Meeting
  • 21.05.2021, Virtual Seminar, Wojciech Samotij, Tel Aviv University
  • 28.05.2021, Virtual Seminar, Boris Bukh, Carnegie Mellon University
  • 04.06.2021, Virtual Seminar, János Pach, Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
  • 11.06.2021, Virtual Seminar, Joonkyung Lee, University College London
  • 18.06.2021, No Seminar, Internal Meeting
  • 25.06.2021, Internal talk, Matthias Pichler, TU Graz

Schedule for WS2020/2021

  • 02.10.2020, Virtual Seminar, Annika Heckel, LMU Munich (abstract)
  • 09.10.2020, Virtual Seminar, Julian Zalla, TU Graz
  • 16.10.2020, Virtual Seminar, Benedikt Stufler, TU Wien (abstract)
  • 23.10.2020, Virtual Seminar, Felix Joos, University of Heidelberg (abstract)
  • 06.11.2020, Virtual Seminar, Jan Hladky, Czech Academy of Sciences (abstract)
  • 13.11.2020, Virtual Seminar, Mikhail Isaev, Monash University (abstract)
  • 20.11.2020, Virtual Seminar, Richard Montgomery, University of Birmingham (abstract)
  • 27.11.2020, Virtual Seminar, Oleg Pikhurko, University of Warwick (abstract)
  • 04.12.2020, Virtual Seminar, Richard Mycroft, University of Birmingham (abstract)
  • 11.12.2020, Virtual Seminar, Olaf Parczyk, London School of Economics (abstract)
  • 08.01.2021, Virtual Seminar, Joshua Erde, TU Graz (abstract)
  • 15.01.2021, Virtual Seminar, Michael Krivelevich, Tel Aviv University (abstract)
  • 22.01.2021, Virtual Seminar, Bhargav Narayanan, Rutgers University (abstract)
  • 29.01.2021, Virtual Seminar, Alex Scott, University of Oxford (abstract)

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