Opening of the Second Phase

The opening of the second phase will take place on Tuesday, 27 October 2015. There will be talks by Ilse Fischer (University of Vienna), Emo Welzl (ETH Zurich), and two students from the first phase. Here is our poster. Details such as schedule and abstracts will follow.

Discrete Mathematics

The Doctoral Program "Discrete Mathematics" offers an advanced PhD training and research program which is run jointly by

It is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the three supporting universities.

Range of topics

The range of topics in Discrete Mathematics comprises

  • Commutative and noncommutative Algebra
  • Number Theory
  • Additive Combinatorics
  • Discrete Dynamics and Fractals
  • Graph Theory
  • Combinatorial Group Theory
  • Discrete Stochastics
  • Combinatorial Optimisation
  • Discrete and Computational Geometry
  • Analysis of Algorithms

You can find the individual projects here and the open positions here.

Faculty Members & Associated Scientists