Travel Expenses

DK Students are encouraged to attend conferences and schools, and to make scientific visits. Doing so, you are typically expected to pre-finance your trip and to claim reimbursement afterwards. On this page, we provide instructions for the students at TU Graz.

The rules below only apply for DK students employed at TU Graz!

Similar rules should apply for the students at KFU Graz and MU Leoben (please consult your advisors or experienced colleagues).

If any of the following is unclear to you please contact the DK coordinator Florian Thomas BEFORE submitting the forms and attending the trip!

Reimbursement (for the students at TU Graz)

The reimbursement of travel expenses can be obtained from many different sources, including the Doctoral School for Mathematics and Scientific Computing and the DK Discrete Mathematics. The office for International Relations is another source for both staff (see here) and students (see KUWI and Erasmus+) that you can take into account. Make sure that you double-check with your advisor and ask for an appropriate way of funding your next journey. Finally, if it's possible to get financial support from the conference you're attending, you should apply for it.

In case you do not want to claim reimbursement from the DK, say because you are invited, you should book your leave via the Personal Self Services (PSS) at TUGRAZonline instead of filling in the two forms.

IMPORTANT: The following steps only apply if you plan to fund your trip with money from the DK!

If you fill in all forms correctly and add all necessary documents, then it does not take long until you are reimbursed with your monthly salary (up to two months). You have to fill in one form before the trip and another form after the trip.

Before the trip

If you are planning one of your extended research stays (> 1 month) please start planning early and contact the DK coordinator Florian THomas to give you some further information.

Before the trip (2 weeks up to 1 month for normal trips), you have to do the following things:

  1. Clear with your supervisor, if it is fine to go on this trip.
  2. Fill the travel application form (German Form or English Form). Note the following:
    • "OU Number" / "OE-Nummer" refers to the number of your organizational unit, e.g. 5010 for Math A.
    • The estimated costs should be upper bounds on the costs that you will later reimburse. Please still try to be as precise as possible, since unreasonable amounts will not be approved.
  3. If your trip is for a longer period than 1 month, in addition you need to apply for "Freistellung" from the rectors office. Please contact the DK coordinator Florian Thomas in this case already now before submitting any form!
  4. Sign it yourself.
  5. Ask the head of your DK project to sign it.
  6. To ask the head of your department (Institut) to sign it (this could be the same person as the head of your DK project).
  7. Give or send the original form to the DK coordinator Florian Thomas. He will then inform you about the approval of your request for the educational trip by the DK Speaker.
  8. Take note of the necessary invoices and documents that you have to collect during your trip to reimburse the costs later. See the section "After the trip" for details!

Travel expenses such as flights, accomodation, and conference fees may be also pre-financed in case of longer costs and/or expensive trips. In this case please contact the DK coordinator about the details and to find out if it is possible.

After the trip

After the trip, you have to do the following things:

  1. Fill the travel statement form (German Form or English Form). Note the following:
    • Select "own cash payment only if you paid in cash. For all other forms of payment select "own bank account".
    • Collect all your original tickets, boarding passes, and original receipts, otherwise we cannot reimburse you. If they are not in A4 format glue them with sticky tape on white A4 paper sheets. Do not staple them!
    • In addition for all bills not paid with cash (i.e. paid with credit card, bank account, ...) in addition to the invoice/ticket you have to submit the credit card statement (or bank statement) of the respective payment. You may, of course, hide the irrelevant items on the statements.
    • If you're bringing bills from a country that uses currency other than Euro, you should print out historic exchange rates for the days when you purchased a ticket or paid a hotel, etc. You can do that for instance here. If you paid with a credit card in EUR which automatically converts you should include the credit card statement which will then show the conversion.
    • You should also add an invitation letter, a confirmation of participation to the conference or school or a program of the conference/school/workshop, if possible.
  2. To sign it yourself twice, one time confirming the correctness of the data and another time as "Applicant" / "Rechnungsleger".
  3. Make a private scan or copy of all the documents if you want to use them for your tax declaration.
  4. Give or send the original documents to the DK coordinator Florian Thomas.

Final Remark

Depending on the office software you are using, the above forms may have annoying pagebreaks when printed. If this is the case, we recommend to rescale the pages manually.