Marc Technau
Marc Technau

Talks & conferences

  1. On a result of F. P. Boca on the number of products of certain matrices with trace ≤ N Arithmetik an der A7, Würzburg, 30.01.2015
  2. Special values in Beatty sequences Arithmetik an der A7, Hildesheim, 15.01.2016
  3. The least prime number in a Beatty sequence Royal Holloway Number Theory Seminar, Egham (Surrey), 11.05.2016
  4. Iterating number-theoretic functions for fun and no profit whatsoever The Joint Über-Seminar, Würzburg, 19.05.2016
  5. The least prime number in a Beatty sequence Elementare und Analytische Zahlentheorie (EℓAZ 2016), Stobl am Wolfgangsee, 07.09.2016
  6. On the maximal order of some arithmetic functions The Sixth International Conference on Analytic and Probabilistic Methods in Number Theory, Palanga, 16.09.2016
  7. Kloosterman sums with Beatty sequences Arithmetik an der A7, Würzburg, 22.–23.06.2017
  8. Generalised Beatty sets Oberseminar Zahlentheorie, Würzburg, 08.12.2017
  9. On the distribution of αp modulo one in imaginary quadratic number fields with class number one Zahlentheoretisches Kolloquium, Graz, 11.01.2019
  10. Metric results on summatory arithmetic functions on Beatty sets Arithmetik an der A7, Ulm, 05.07.2019
  11. Kloosterman sums with twice-differentiable functions Arithmetik an der A7, Linz, 31.01.2020
  12. Metric results on summatory arithmetic functions on Beatty sets and beyond Number Theory during Lockdown, Online, 29.05.2020
  13. On the metric Piatetski-Shapiro prime number theorem Arithmetik an der A7, Online, 04.03.2021
  14. The number of steps in the Euclidean algorithm and Dedekind sums Arithmetik an der A7, Hannover, 23.09.2021
  15. Averages of Dedekind sums and connections to Euclid-type algorithms and continued fractions Genova–Graz Number Theory Workshop, Genova, 31.05.2022
  16. On the Farey fraction spin chain Graz–IST A Number Theory Days, Klosterneuburg, 29.06.2022
  17. On the Farey fraction spin chain Elementare und Analytische Zahlentheorie (EℓAZ 2022), Poznań, 22.08.2022
  18. On the Farey fraction spin chain Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory (CANT 2023), New York, 26.05.2023
  19. On polynomials with roots modulo almost all primes Workshop: Universality, Zeta-Functions, and Chaotic Operators, Luminy, 10.08.2023
  20. Galois groups of \( \binom{n}{0} + \binom{n}{1} X + \ldots + \binom{n}{6} X^6 \) International Conference on Probability Theory and Number Theory, Palanga, 11.09.2023
  21. Cilleruelo's conjecture on the LCM of polynomial sequences Advanced Topics Seminar of the Graz School of Discrete Mathematics, Graz, 12.01.2024

In March 2024, I am organising the “AaA7” conference in Graz jointly with Nick Rome and Athanasios Sourmelidis.