Summer term 2019: Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Fridays: Coffee 10:30-11:00, Talk 11:00-11:45, SR2 Geometry Institute (if not specified differently).
  • 08.03. Christian Lindorfer (TU Graz)
    Title: Ends of graphs and the language of self-avoiding walks
  • 15.03. Svenja Hüning (TU Graz)
    Title: On refinement algorithms on manifolds
  • 22.03. DK interviews
  • 29.03. Christian Elsholtz (TU Graz)
    Title: Highdimensional sets without arithmetic progressions
    At MU Leoben, seminar room D
  • 05.04. Damir Ferizovic (TU Graz)
    Title: Lower Bound of the discrete Green energy
    Dissertantenseminar in the afternoon at KFU
  • 12.04. Wolfgang Woess (TU Graz)
    Title: Polyharmonic functions on trees: boundary value problems
    At KFU Graz, HS 02.23, Universitätsplatz 2, 2. OG
  • 19.04. Osterferien
  • 26.04. Osterferien
  • 03.05. Sonia Trepode (Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina)
    Title: On the representation dimension of finite dimensional k-algebras
  • 10.05. Dissertantenseminar at TU Graz
  • 17.05. Florian Lehner (TU Graz)
    Title: A topological game of cops and robbers
  • 24.05. Oliver Cooley (TU Graz)
    Title: High-dimensional connectedness: cores and components
  • 31.05. Rektorstag
  • 07.06. Mario Weitzer (TU Graz)
    Title: p-adic systems - a survey
  • 14.06. Dissertantenseminar at TU Graz
  • 21.06. Fenstertag
  • 27.06. JunSeok Oh (KFU Graz) - PhD Defense
    Title: Product-one Sequences over Finite Groups: Algebraic, Arithmetic, and Combinatorial Aspects
    At KFU Graz, HS 02.23, Universitätsplatz 2, 2. OG, 15:15 - 16:45
  • 28.06. Gyu Whan Chang (Incheon National University, Republic of Korea)
    Title: Krull domains with prescribed class group
  • 02.07. Shuqin Zhang (MU Leoben) - PhD Defense
    Title: Geometry and topology of self-affine tiles and Rauzy fractals
    At MU Leoben, seminar room D, 10:00 - 11:00

Summer term 2019

TU Graz
Advanced Topics in DM
See above for a program
2 hours DK members
Seminar for doctorands 1 hour TU and KFU professors
Grundthema Algebra: Cluster Algebras 4 hours Charles Beil, Ana Garcia Elsener
Grundthema Zahlentheorie: Arithmetic of Noetherian rings 4 hours Alfred Geroldinger
Advanced Seminar in Algebra and Number Theory II (Special Seminar for Postgraduate Students) 2 hours Karin Baur, Alfred Geroldinger
Elective subjects mathematics: Algebraic combinatorics 3 hours Lukas Andritsch, Karin Baur
Grundthemen Algebra: Representation Theory 3 hours Franz Lehner
Elective subject mathematics: knots and 3-manifolds 3 hours Mickael Buchet, Fugacci Ulderico
Elective subject Mathematics (Potential theory) 2 hours Johann Brauchart