Summer term 2020: Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics

News: Coronavirus COVID-19

All events of the Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics seminar are only events via online stream until further notice!

With respect to the courses (see section Summer term 2020 below), please wait for announcements of the lecturers about whether e-learning possibilities will be provided.

Fridays: Coffee break 10:30-11:00, Talk 11:00-11:45, SR2 Geometry Institute (if not specified differently).
  • 06.03. Marc Munsch (TU Graz)
    Title: Character sums, product in residue classes and distribution of sequences in aritmetic progressions.
  • 24.04. Florian Thomas (TU Graz) (online stream - see info via mail how to join)
    Title: The reconstruction problem for infinite graphs.
  • 30.04. Hanna Oppelmayer (Chalmers University of Technology) (online stream - see info via mail how to join)
    Please note the special date on a Thursday!
    Title: tba.
  • 08.05. Doctoral School Seminar at TU Graz
  • 15.05. Michael Missethan (TU Graz) (online stream - see info via mail how to join)
    Title: Longest and shortest cycles in random planar graphs.
  • 29.05. Alexandra Weinberger (TU Graz) (online stream - see info via mail how to join)
    Title: Simple Drawings and Shooting Stars.
  • 05.06. Joshua Erde (TU Graz) (online stream - see info via mail how to join)
    Title: Large Complete Minors in Random Subgraphs.
    Doctoral School Seminar at KFU Graz in the afternoon
    In the afternoon starting at 16:00:
    Rigorosum of our colleague Mahadi Ddamulira (online stream)
    Title: Diophantine Equations and Linearly Recurrent Sequences
  • 12.06. Fenstertag
  • 19.06. Rigorosum of our colleague Nicola Del Giudice (TU Graz) (online stream - see info via mail how to join)
    Title: tba.
  • 26.06. Gerhard J. Woeginger (RWTH Aachen) (online stream - see info via mail how to join)
    Title: An optimization problem with buckets on graphs.
  • 21.07. Rigorosum of our colleague René Corbet (TU Graz)
    in Hörsaal G, Kopernikusgasse 24, 3. OG at 14:00
    Title: Improvements to the Pipeline of Multiparameter Persistence.
  • 14.09. Rigorosum of our colleague Gundelinde Wiegel (TU Graz)
    in Hörsaal E (NT01088), TU Graz, Kopernikusgasse 24, 1. OG at 10:00. There is only a limited number of participants allowed on site. Please contact G. Wiegel to register. Details for the Webex webstream are sent out via mail.
    Title: Random walks, frogs, and the cost of asymmetry.

Summer term 2020

TU Graz
Advanced Topics in DM
See above for a program
2 hours DK members
Seminar for doctorands 1 hour TU and KFU professors
TU Graz
Scientific communication: Basic Seminar for PhD-students 2 hours Hendrik James Lips Bower, Michael Kerber
Grundthema Applied Mathematics: Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning 2 hours Manfred Liebmann
Grundthemen Algebra: Polynomial functions and integer-valued polynomials 3+1 hours Sophie Frisch
Grundthemen Algebra: Group theory 3+1 hours Chimere Stanley Anabanti
Grundthemen Numerik: Space-Time Methods 3 hours Olaf Steinbach
Grundthemen Stochastik: Markov Processes 3 hours Lorenz Alexander Gilch
Grundthemen Discrete Mathematics: Advanced Random Graphs 3+1 hours Joshua Erde
Grundthemen Diskrete Mathematik: Computational Social Choice 3+1 hours Gerhard J. Woeginger
Grundthemen Geometrie: Algebraic Topology 3 hours Michael Kerber
Advanced Seminar in Algebra and Number Theory II (Special Seminar for Postgraduate Students) 2 hours Alfred Geroldinger
Elective subject mathematics: Discrete differential geometry 2 hours Johannes Wallner