WS 2014: Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Fridays: Coffee Break 10:00-10:30; Talks 10:30-11:15. SR2 Geometry Institute.
  • 24.09. Ante Custic (TU Graz) PhD defense; 11:30, SR C208 (Steyrergasse 30).
    Title: Efficiently solvable special cases of multidimensional assignment problems.
  • 03.10. Cancelled: Wolfgang Woess (TU Graz) Presentation DK Hearing
  • 10.10. Wolfgang Woess's birthday Kolloquium: 14:00 in BE01, Steyrergasse 30, 8010 Graz.
    Program of the Kolloquium.
    Registration is needed for the coffee break.
  • 17.10. Tetiana Boiko (TU Graz): PhD defense
  • 24.10. DK Hearing Presentations
  • 31.10. DK Hearing Presentations
  • 07.11. no Advanced Topics
  • 14.11. Dijana Kreso (TU Graz)
    Title: The difference graph of S-units.
    Dissertanten Seminar (KFU). 13:00-16:00; Heinrichstr. 36, Seminarraum.
  • 21.11. Brigitte Servatius (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
    Title: Henneberg moves on mechanisms.
  • 28.11. no Advanced Topics
  • 05.12. Uta Freiberg (Univ. Stuttgart)
    Title: Differential operators and generalized trigonometric functions on fractal subsets of the real line.
  • 12.12. no Advanced Topics
    Dissertanten Seminar (TU). 10:30-13:00; Seminarroom 2, Institute of Geometry.
    Talk Fabrizio Barroero (Pisa) in the afternoon.
  • 19.12. no Advanced Topics
  • 09.01. Maria Rita Iaco (TU Graz)
    Title: Low-discrepancy sequences: Theory and Applications.
  • 16.01. Stephan Wagner (Stellenbosch University)
    Title: 101 extremal properties of greedy trees.
    Graph Theory seminar on 15.01 and 16.01
  • 23.01. no Advanced Topics
  • 30.01. Johannes Cuno (TU Graz)
    Title: SQ-universality for polygonal products of one-relator groups.

Winter term 2014

Advanced Topics in DM
See above for a program
2 hours DK members
Seminar for doctorands 1 hour TU and KFU professors
TU Graz
Selected chapters of Analysis: spectral theory on ultrametric spaces 3 hours Alexander Bendikov,
Wolfgang Woess
Advanced Seminar in Algebra and Number Theory I
(Special Seminar for Postgraduate Students)
2 hours Karin Baur,
Alfred Geroldinger
Introduction to Algebraic Curves 3 hours Franz Halter-Koch
TU Graz
AK Analysis (Potential theory) 3 hours Johann Brauchart
TU Graz
Number Theory 3 hours Manfred Madritsch
TU Graz
Geometry topics in the Ph.D. syllabus: Algebraic Topology 3 hours Johannes Wallner
MU Leoben
Fractals and their applications 2 hours Jörg Thuswaldner