Discrete Mathematics Day 2021

Once a year we organize the "Discrete Mathematics Day", a festive occasion of presentation of the DK in the format of a one day conference with plenary talks by distinguished speakers and some shorter talks by DK students.

In 2021, the Discrete Mathematics Day will take place on December 10.

Plenary speakers:

Short talks:

  • Christian Lindorfer (TU Graz)
  • Lucía Rossi (MU Leoben)

The program is now available.


  • Joshua Erde
  • Florian Thomas
  • Wolfgang Woess

Recordings of the talks

Bojan Mohar: Graph searching

Christian Lindorfer: Pumping in multiple context-free languages

Lucía Rossi: Rational self-affine tiles associated to standard and nonstandard digit systems

Michael Krivelevich: Linearly sized induced odd subgraphs