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  1991 - Conference on Uniform Mathematics and Applications in Bern, Switzerland (with I. Reilly)   1992 - Minisymposium on Topology at Graz University of Technology (with M. Husek, R. Kopperman, R. Domiaty and O. Laback)   1993 - Visiting Ch. Konstadilakis at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece  
  1993 - XI. International Conference on Topology in Trieste, Italy   1996 - 8th Prague Topological Symposium in Prague, Czech Republic (with J. Dontchev)   1996 - with N. Ergun and St. Watson at the Prague Topological Symposium  
  1996 - Joint research with Alev Kanibir from Ankara University, Turkey, at our department   1997 - Summer Conference on General Topology and its Applications in North Bay, Ontario, Canada (with D. Repovs)   1997 - Visiting the University of Auckland, New Zealand, a second time  
  1997 - Lion's Rock, an inspiring place for research near Auckland, New Zealand   1998 - Summer Conference on General Topology in Mexico City, Mexico (with J. Dontchev, H. Maki, I. Gotchev and V. Valov   1998 - International Colloquium on Topology in Gyula, Hungary (with I. Reilly, S. Jafari, J. Cao and ??)