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My son Michael and his sister Suphaporn - Page 4
  Time passes by ... Michael has become 4 years old.   Visiting Minimundus near Klagenfurt during the summer vacations in 2006.   Visiting the Zoo in Schönbrunn in Vienna in August 2006.  
  An excursion to some prehistoric animals in the forests of Austria ...   Michael enjoying life while playing with friends.   Michael decided to start a career as a musician. Here are the first steps.  
  With the beginning of 2007, Michael moved to playing the drums.   Taming a wild and dangerous animal after having a shower   Walking around on a very warm day in spring.  
  Picking up some flowers for Mama.   How quickly a year passes by ... Michael is now 5 years old.   During our vacations in 2007 we visited the waterfalls in Krimml, Salzburg.