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  1999 - 14th Summer Conference on Topology and Applications in New York, U.S.A.   2000 - 3rd International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematical Education in Bethlehem, Palestina   2003 - Colloquium on General and Set-Theoretic Topology in Budapest, Hungary (with O. Laback, S. Jafari and L. Kocinac)  
  2003 - Joint research with S. Jafari in Graz (here on "Schoeckel")   2004 - 18th Summer Conference on Real Functions Theory in Stara Lesna (High Tatra), Slovakia   2006 - Colloquium on General Topology in Graz, featuring I. Reilly, G. Tironi and V. Valov  
  2006 - International Conference on Topology and its Applications in Aegion, Greece (with S. P. Moshokoa and S. Jafari)   2006 - Visiting Delphi during the Conference in Aegion.   2008 - Celebrating the retirement of Ivan Reilly at the University of Auckland on February, 18 (with D. Gauld and B. Barton)  
  2008 - The participants of the Devonport Topology Festival (February, 22)   2011 - Prof. Arhangelskii in Graz at the occasion of O. Labacks 65th birthday