Conference venue

The conference will take place in the building of the Mathematics Institutes, Steyrergasse 30, lecture room BE01, ground floor. (See "Accomodation" for a map.)

Monday, June 29

Morning session

0830-900Registration for the workshop
0900-0910 Opening
0910-1000 Francois Ledrappier
Linear drift for the Brownian motion on covers
1010-1040 Coffee break (registration)
1040-1110 Martin Dunwoody
An inaccessible graph
1120-1150 Panos Papazoglou
Topology of boundaries and splittings
1200-1220 Barbara Bobikau
Spectral properties of a class of random walks on locally finite groups

Afternoon session - Massimo Picardello's birthday session

1430-1520 Massimo Picardello
Harmonic functions on homogeneous trees and buildings
1530-1600 Sara Brofferio
Poisson boundary of matrix groups with rational coefficients
1610-1640 Coffee break
1640-1730 Yves Guivarc'h
Random walk in a random medium on Z, and random walks on homogeneous spaces
1740-1800 Daniele D'Angeli
The boundary action of the Basilica group

Tuesday, June 30

Morning session

0900-0950Tim Riley
How wild can a group with a quadratic Dehn function be?
1000-1030Coffee break
1040-1110Anton Thalmaier
The Poisson boundary of certain Cartan-Hadamard manifolds of unbounded curvature
1120-1150Alexander Gnedin
Boundaries of the generalised Pascal triangles and larger graded graphs
1200-1220 Jeremy Macdonald
Compressed words and automorphisms in fully residually free groups

Afternoon session - Donald Cartwright's birthday session

1430-1520 Tim Steger
Background on fake planes
1530-1600Jean Lécureux
Combinatorial boundaries of buildings
1610-1640 Coffee break
1640-1730 Donald Cartwright
The 50 fake projective planes
1740-1800Bernhard Krön
Vertex cuts, ends and group splittings

Wednesday, July 1

Morning session

0900-0950Anna Erschler
Boundaries of amenable groups
1000-1050Coffee break and poster session
Posters: Elisabetta Candellero, Lorenz Gilch, Motoko Kotani, Jeremy Macdonald, Sebastian Müller, Svetla Vassileva.
1050-1120Matthias Keller
Heat transfer to the boundary on discrete graphs
1130-1200Erin Pearse
Resistance analysis of infinite networks

Afternoon: Conference excursion

Thursday, July 2

Morning session

0900-0950James Parkinson
Random walks on p-adic groups and affine buildings
1000-1030Coffee break
1040-1110 Agelos Georgakopoulos
Uniqueness of currents in an electrical network of finite total resistance
1120-1150Riddhi Shah
Distal actions on locally compact groups

Afternoon session - Vadim Kaimanovich's birthday session

1430-1520Vadim Kaimanovich
Random graphs, stochastic homogenization and eqiuvalence relations
1530-1600 Alexander Bendikov
On a class of random walks on groups with infinite number of generators
1610-1640 Coffee break
1640-1730Volodymyr Nekrashevych
Hyperbolic duality
1740-1800Frédéric Mathéus
Poisson boundary of free-by-cyclic groups

Friday, July 3

Morning session

0900-0950Klaus Schmidt
Sandpiles and the harmonic model
1000-1030Coffee break
1040-1110Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda
Sandpiles and self-similar groups
1120-1150Markus Neuhauser
Further examples to a question of Atiyah

Afternoon session - farewell session

1330-1400Michael Björklund
Sharp sumset inequalities for Bohr sets
1410-1500Anatoly Vershik
Adjoint dynamics of countable groups
1500-1530Coffee break
Hint: at 15.30, right after the end of the workshop, in the same lecture room there will be a talk in the Mathematical Colloquium of TU Graz.
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Douglas Hardin (Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN)
Title of the talk: Discrete minimum energy problems

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