Advanced and algorithmic graph theory
LV-Nr. MAT.464UF (Lecture)
MAT.465UF (Exercises)
P. Sprüssel (lecture), O. Cooley (exercises)
Institute of Discrete Mathematics
Summer term 2018

Course dates

The course takes place from 5th March 2017 until 28th June 2017, each monday from 2:15PM to 4:00PM and each thursday from 4:15PM to 6:00PM in the seminar room AE06 (Steyrergasse 30). The exercises will always be at the thursday time slot, roughly every other week.
See TUGonline (lecture / exercises) for a complete list of dates.



The exams for this course will be oral, appointments for exams should be made directly with the lecturer.


At the beginning of each exercise session, the participants can state which problems they have solved. For each problem, a student will be selected to present their solution at the board. Grades will be determined by the quality of the presentations as well as for the number of solved exercises. For each student, only the best five out of the six exercise sessions will be counted.

Exercise sheets

All exercise sheets will be linked here.

Exercise sheet 1 for 15 March 2018
Exercise sheet 2 for 12 April 2018.
Exercise sheet 3 for 26 April 2018
Exercise sheet 4 for 17 May 2018
Exercise sheet 5 for 7 June 2018
Exercise sheet 6 for 28 June 2018


Lecture notes will be made available to all participants via TUGonline as the course progresses.

B. Bollobas: Modern Graph Theory

R. Diestel: Graph Theory

Last changed 21 June 2018